To the next battlefield

Save Malaysia

It’s time for the Opposition to decide where it’s headed because GE14 will be upon us soon.

Scott Ng, Free Malaysia Today

The anti-Najib forces have all but lost their war, going by the sounds from Zaid Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad these days. Barisan Nasional is perhaps as powerful as it was during Mahathir’s own time, even if does not have the same finesse.

But what the Najib administration lacks in finesse it makes up with raw power, thanks to the mechanisms put in place by Mahathir to ensure challenge to his rule would never be a serious matter.

Najib’s heavy-handed approach has civil society constantly worrying that a little push will be all it takes to make a police state a reality. Truly, it is ironical that the man who laid down the seeds of our current political situation, and who handpicked Najib to succeed Abdullah Badawi, must spend the twilight of his years fighting the very culmination of his own policies. Some might want to call it poetic justice.

However, the average Malaysian has perhaps come to a point where he doesn’t care anymore. He has for so long put up with the politicians’ manoeuvring, jousting, shenanigans, misdirections and blatant unconcern of the man on the street in their pursuit for power that he is now probably more tired than angry over the whole situation.

And now, as another round of politicking begins, it is not Barisan Nasional that’s embarrassing itself, but the Opposition. The Opposition’s failure to present a united front on Save Malaysia is symptomatic of its failure to be united on any issue of concern to the rakyat.

With presumably less than two years away before they vote in a general election, Malaysians are left with less of a choice than what is available to one of those poor saps in a “Saw” movie. Voter apathy will be at its worst, barring some unforeseen revival of the Opposition or some revelation from one of the international investigations on 1MDB that will be devastating to Najib and BN.

Meanwhile, of course, Najib would like nothing better than for the rakyat to take a good hard look at the children squabbling in the Opposition’s yard.