PKR is full of drama queens and puppets on a string who sing lies

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

When the image is interposed of the then PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution holding up a thick file righteously indicating it contained the acts of corruption by the then PKR Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim, with the image of Saifuddin in court shamelessly admitting that he had committed ‘fitnah’ against Khalid, that is lying against a person’s reputation, one is tempted to think that these PKR politicians are off their rockers.

Why would anyone say untruths like that just to convince the unknowing public that Khalid was really bad? Either Saifuddin was Machiavellian or he did that at the behest of a superior who was so desperate that his plans would end up in the garbage bin.

Well, Khalid was pressured to resign and he sued Saifuddin after that. Khalid won but the damage was done. But Khalid forgave the lying idiot. What about the public who was duped? Aren’t we an aggrieved party too? Are we to forgive him too?

Now apparently it’s time to remove another MB almost for the same reasons of not ‘kowtowing’ to a defective and unelected boss. Just as the MB Azmin Ali was trying to negotiate from a position of strength with PAS on the unity candidates for the coming by-elections, another PKR leader, beholden to that boss, started to rattle off garbage about something that he himself seemed confused about for fear of ending up like Saifuddin. What are these spineless pawns up to?

Is this the standard of politics practised by PKR? It seems that the truth doesn’t matter. Just pay homage to the guy with the remote control and everything will be alright. Even by leaving your brains at home.

Even if what were alleged about pay-offs and sex in lieu of pay-offs are true, can’t it wait for a while? The urgency doesn’t seem to be caused by the corruption itself but the timing to shoot your own foot soonest possible — just to please someone. These guys are mad.

The Freudian slip was all too obvious. The threat seems to depend on whether whosoever will do whatsoever, then action will not be taken! Corruption is corruption, man! You mean if it is potentially embarrassing to your party that serves as a warning for the culprits to desist?

Just report the specific act and hand over all evidence to the MACC. Simple, drama queen! Saifuddin did not do that because we know now the file was empty! You too, Rafizi?

Quite frankly, I don’t give two hoots about your boss’ endless quarrels like a continuous soap-opera and his convoluted moves thereto. I am just concerned that corruption is being used as a political leverage in your quarrels.

You were elected on a zero-tolerance of corruption pledge, and now you sound like Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his ceiling-high files on corruption relating to his subordinates that enforced their loyalty to him. This practice must be contagious.

People are tickled by this tragi-comedy. If their dismay is translated into votes at the coming two by-elections, it can be disastrous for you. Already as the lead party in the opposition you couldn’t even get your act together, what more to rein in the other opposition parties.

It’s not just about your quest for power. It’s the people’s quest for truth in public governance. Can’t you make room for us to act on that? A straight fight in the two by-elections, maybe? For once can all of you stand down for a bit, you losers!

It seems to us that you can’t recognise an opportunity if it smacks your face. If you don’t prove to us that you have that special stuff that makes you different from the devil we know, we might as well keep to the known and the tried.

Don’t cuss us when we do. Blame yourselves. Blame your leaders. And blame the little boys who think politics is a game to sharpen their claws at one-upmanship.