BN rep wants ‘no pork’ signs banned


(The Star) – AN assemblyman has called for the removal of the ‘no pork’ signages at eateries to prevent Muslims and tourists from being confused.

Shariful Azhar Othman (BN-Bertam) said only the Halal or Non-Halal signages should be displayed.

“Malaysia is a shopping haven and attracts many tourists. They may be confused by the ‘no pork’ signages in restaurants and eateries.

“The state Islamic Religious Council should also check on premises to see if the chicken or ducks they are selling are 100% halal.

“If there is no surveillance, then I ask that the ‘no pork’ signages be banned at food premises,” he said at the state assembly yesterday.

A. Tanasekharan (DAP-Bagan Dalam) then interjected, claiming that the ‘no pork’ signages mean that there was no pork served but this did not mean that it was ‘Halal’.

“How could this be confusing?” he asked.

Shariful had earlier questioned about dogs being reared near a Malay neighbourhood in Jalan Datuk Haji Ahmad Badawi in Kepala Batas.

“The place is also a flood-prone area. If it’s for commercial purposes, can it be relocated?” he asked.

Chow Kon Yeow (DAP-Padang Kota) explained that the Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) has conducted regular checks on the premises and found it to be clean.

“However, we issued the owner of the premises a notice after we found faeces in the drain outside.

“They were advised to reduce the number of dogs and also build a wall to enclose the animals from the public.

“The owner agree to take appropriate actions,” he said.