Tun M Believes The Government Has It In For Him!


The Malaysian Observer

Having retired as Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir still tries to give (however mistakenly) the impression that he is a mover and shaker of people and events.

His (Tun ‘M’) is a classic case of delusions of grandeur!

One of the best definitions of delusions of grandeur is this: a false impression of one’s own importance.

That defines Tun ‘M’ in a nutshell. He believes that he is Malaysia’s kingmaker and that all he need to do is nod, smile or wink and those aspiring for higher office will do so or those who are at the top and do not adhere to his edicts will be brought down!

So why not add martyrdom to his resume. Tun ‘M’ believes that he will be arrested under the National Security Council Act (NCA) due to his calls for Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down from office. (here)

Apparently he believes that all of his extracurricular activities are having some type of effect on the Prime Minister. Quite the opposite; the Prime Minister is thinking, if Tun Mahathir’s activities produce the type of results that were witnessed in the Sarawak election then keep doing what you are doing!

The crazier Tun ‘M’ and the rest of the opposition sound and act, the better team Barisan National looks, as crazy is not what the rakyat wants to have governing the nation.

And Tun ‘M’ serves up plenty of crazy when he proclaims billions of 1MDB money vanishes or that the amount decreases and then increases.

I would love to see the later trick performed on my bank account!

Overall the Mahathir factor has not taken hold which is probably causing his opposition co-conspirators not the least amount of concern. They had hoped that Tun ‘M’ would serve as de facto opposition leader providing them with direction. I guess if delusional confusion is a direction, then Tun ‘M’ is certainly adding to the mix that the opposition was already serving the public!

Tun ‘M’ saying that he expects to be arrested further exemplifies his delusion of grandeur.

‘I’m a threat to the establishment so the powers that be (government) must silence me’!

In his mind, Tun ‘M’ believes that his road shows, declaration and other media public relation fiascoes are too dangerous for the government and therefore it is just a matter of time before he is arrested.

In truth, it would only help Tun ‘M’ and the opposition, if Najib sought to arrest the spry former Prime Minister.