The Opposition Even With Tun ‘M’; Still Can’t Win!


The Malaysian Observer

Tun Mahathir has been trying with all his political might to find some way of getting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak out of favour with the public and out of office.  Various attempts on his part to tie the Prime Minister to either vanishing 1MDP money or 1MDP money in his personal bank account (of all places) have fizzled out.

When Tun aligned himself to the opposition both he and they thought that it would the beginning of the end for the sitting Prime Minister.  Their loosely choreographed media sessions for the ‘Citizens Declaration’ ‘People’s Congress’, ‘Save Malaysia’ and petitions barely created a ripple in the thoughts of the ordinary citizens which they were hoping to influence.

Tun ‘M’ no doubt thought that he still had the stature to plant his will on the rakyat.  However, the rakyat rejected what Tun was planting like many of today’s farmers reject Monsanto seeds!

The rakyat was and is tired of the poison he (Tun ‘M’) and the combined Anti-Najib Campaigners (ANC) were and are attempting to feed them.  All the controversial issues involving corruption that they were levying at the Prime Minister had proved to be of little effect in swaying public opinion away from the Prime Minister and the national government.

The backlash against the Prime Minister that Tun ‘M’ and his cohorts in the opposition were hoping for did come about, but not in the direction that they hoped!

The people didn’t buy into the all the negative information that was coming out of the combined (Tun ‘M’, DAP, PKR, Amanah) camps!  All the information about vanishing money, stolen billions first decreasing then increasing and 1MDB money transferred to a local personal banking account seemed like something one would read in a ‘Who done it’ detective novel.  Only in this case they writers of the fictional (Tun ‘M’, DAP, PKR, et al) novel told the reader ‘who done it’ at the beginning.

According to them; it was no other than the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak who was not the chief suspect, but the person ‘who did it’!

What they did not tell the reader or in this case the rakyat was; ‘how it was done’!

Their story had a head, but no body!