Behind Azmin’s call for PAS-Pakatan reunion


One suspects that his main concern is to strengthen his faction in PKR in preparation for GE14.

Scott Ng, Free Malaysia Today

The return of BN to dominance in Sarawak was not merely an open embrace of Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s policies and ideology, but also a steadfast rejection of the opposition as it stands now. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the opposition parties cannot deny that a major reason behind their failure to get enough support from voters was their inability to present a united front in the face of BN’s electoral juggernaut.

We can talk about misconduct, outright bribery and chicanery, but ultimately, the opposition parties failed to galvanize support on the ground because they were too preoccupied with the ego-stroking exercise of trying to extort more seats from each other. The tussle between PKR and DAP put off many voters, and despite calls for reconciliation from their leaders, there is a profound sense that this particular issue is far from over.

A lot of it has to do with the change in PKR’s power structure and its need to show that it’s not subservient to DAP, which has thus far been the spearpoint of Pakatan Harapan with its widespread Chinese support and clearly visible representatives. PKR has become something of a sideshow since Anwar was sent to prison. With party president Wan Azizah and her faction turning their attention to a futile campaign for Anwar’s release, Azmin Ali and his clique have emerged to become the dominant representative voice of the party.

In many ways, PKR desperately needed a big win in Sarawak to shore up its waning reputation, but its inability to win any new seat speaks volumes of what people think of this new, aggressive PKR. Many observers have noted Azmin’s ambitious streak, and this has worked against him. There is a sense of discontent with the Menteri Besar among Selangorians, who see him in the headlines for everything but his work for the state. What we do hear of his work involves a lot of the tolled highways we protested against and which Pakatan leaders swore they would never allow.

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