Xavier: Lack of unity caused DAP to lose five seats


PKR vice-president regrets blame game from Pakatan Harapan partner hours after results were announced

(FMT) – A lack of unity caused the DAP to lose five incumbent seats in today’s Sarawak Election, PKR vice-president Dr Xavier Jayakumar said.

In a statement, Xavier said the lack of unity could have also contributed to PKR losing several winnable seats.

The Seri Andalas assemblyman said this was evidence that Sarawak voters disapproved of head-to-head contests among the Opposition coalition partners.

He said it was unfortunate that the situation in the Opposition camp had come to this, and stressed that coalition politics required parties to work together to get the best results.

Xavier also said he regretted the “blame game” coming from the DAP camp hours after the results were announced, and called for an immediate stop to this.

“If all the facts are laid on the table, it will be clearly seen that DAP had also lost their deposits in some seats, and they came behind PKR in three of the disputed seats, namely Mulu, Murum and Simanggang.”

Moving forward, Xavier said the election results should serve as a lesson for both parties and that Pakatan Harapan must start preparing for the next general election as a united coalition for the benefit of the people of Sarawak and Malaysia as whole.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Sarawakians for their support and for maintaining their faith in our three incumbent assemblymen by returning them in their constituencies.”

In today’s Sarawak polls, BN romped to a landslide victory, winning 72 of the 82 seats. PKR maintained status quo, retaining the three seats it won in the last election, while DAP, lost ground in the state, losing five of the 12 seats it won in 2011.

PKR had contested in 40 seats while DAP contested in 31 seats.