Study shows PKR leading DAP in Batu Kitang, but BN beats both

fahmi fadzil

(MMO) – A new survey by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) found PKR’s candidate was preferred in Batu Kitang over that of its ally DAP, the former said today.

Citing the survey carried out just after nomination day, PKR said its candidate, Voon Shiak Ni, was favoured by 33 per cent of respondents, ahead of the 31 per cent who chose DAP’s Abdul Aziz Isa.

The poll showed, however, that Barisan Nasional candidate Lo Khere Chang beat both at 35 per cent. One independent registered an 11 per cent approval.

“The survey, conducted from April 27 to May 1, is authentic and we have no reason to dispute it,” PKR communication director Fahmi Fadzil told reporters in a daily briefing.

“The survey was conducted independently and without our knowledge. The result was handed to us by persons we do not want to identify,” he said.

He said the result proved Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen was wrong in saying that 48 per cent of the voters interviewed by an independent research group Merdeka Center supported the DAP.

The Merdeka Center survey was commissioned by both PKR and DAP, and the latter released the findings to back its claim over overlapping seats.

Fahmi today said the results were also no longer applicable as DAP fielded a less experienced candidate for the seat.

“That Merdeka Center’s survey was outdated as it was done in January this year. Moreover, it was on the assumption that Chong himself, not Aziz Isa, would be the candidate.

Voon’s campaign manager, Simon Siah, said she has served Batu Kitang with her community projects for over 10 years, and criticised DAP for trying to undermine her chances by splitting the opposition vote in what should have been an “easy win”.

He also accused Aziz of being “parachuted” into Batu Kitang, claiming the latter was supposed to contest Stakan instead.

“A vote for him is a wasted vote. His votes should go to our candidate,” he said, in apparent reference to Chong previously asking voters not to waste their votes on PKR.

The UUM survey also showed that PKR’s Mambong candidate Willie Mongin (28 per cent) was second in popularity to BN’s Datuk Dr Jerip Susil (45 per cent). DAP’s Sanjan Daik was favoured by 27 per cent in the survey.

Batu Kitang and Mambong are among the six seats in which allies PKR and DAP are clashing.

Sarawak goes to the polls on May 7, after 12 days of campaigning.