Truth or Consequences!


The Malaysian Observer

The opposition (DAP, PKR, Tun ‘M’ and the rest) spent 2015 and the earlier part of 2016 trying to taint Prime Minister Najib Razak in the eyes of the public.

On almost a daily basis Malaysians were fed a dose of lies or fabrications on what the Prime Minister has allegedly done.  If one were to believe all the opposition was saying; it would almost seem like the head of Malaysia’s government was Pol Pot of Cambodia!

The opposition with its various components literally bombarded Malaysians night and day with repeated fabrications and lies to the point that they (opposition) started to believe that victory was at hand and that the Prime Minister would leave office in disgrace or as another report asserted; that he would flee to another countries with his ill gotten booty!

One could sense their (opposition’s) premature confidence leading up to the summer of 2015.  According to their soothsayers, the Prime Minister was not supposed to last the summer. Later, it was revised to the Fall, but Fall came and went with the only thing falling were the opposition’s aspirations!

Even then Deputy Prime Minister Tan Seri Muhyiddin Yassin who seldom smiled, had the look of man who knew that he was soon to be the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.  He was like someone who was confidently walking across a tight rope without having a safety net below.  He made the mistake that many poor tactical tight rope walkers make; he fell!

Muhyiddin’s fell when he blindly started insinuating in some of his speeches that the Prime Minister was involved with some wrong doings! He thought that he could claim this because he believed that he had enough backers to support him to be the new Prime Minister.  Not only was Muhyiddin wrong, he was dead (career wise) wrong!  His career was done when he openly turned against number one!

As for Mukhriz; he should have realized that if a Deputy Prime Minister could be dismissed, how much easier it would be to do the same of a Menteri Besar who was gifted the position by the very person he was now criticizing!

If Mukhriz thought that UMNO feared Tun‘M’ and therefore his position as Kedah Menteri Besar was secure; he (as it turned out) was severely mistaken!  UMNO viewed Tun ‘M’ as all bark and no bite as his teeth were extracted when he stepped down as the nation’s number one.  As a result, Tun could not save his son nor the vision had for his son to someday be number one!