Felda chief: Vote BN, because I’ll snub anyone else who wins


(Mkini) – “If someone else wins, I’m not even going to pick up the phone”

Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) chairperson Mohd Isa Abdul Samad has urged villagers and plantation workers in Marudi to vote for the BN candidate, saying that he would snub anyone else who wins the election.

In a speech yesterday afternoon, Isa repeatedly stressed that it is important for all elected representatives, state governments and the federal government to come from the same political coalition.

Otherwise, he said, it would be difficult to cooperate and resolve the people’s problems, because the various stakeholders involved are not on the same page.

“No matter what happens in the election, Felda will be here, but who is going to represent you to see me and my officers after the election?

“If he is not from BN, who wants to see him? How to solve the problems? That’s why when May 7 comes, vote for BN.

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