The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend!


The Malaysian Observer

There is a saying that goes: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In other words if I don’t like you, but we both have a common enemy, then we are friends!

This is the relationship that exists between the opposition (DAP, PKR, the minions and Tun ‘M’) ! What draws them to the same bed is their professed dislike of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

In reality Lim Kit Siang and Tun ‘M’ do not like each other as there are years of bad blood between them.  Of course they have to give the impression that all is forgiven, but it is more likely a situation of: ‘I say I forgive, but I will never forget’!

One of the reasons they (LKS and Tun ‘M’) are only teaming up is because they realise that on their own they do not have strength to oust the Prime Minister.  Not that teaming up will bring them success in that endeavour, but they have no other recourse.

For the DAP, they need a Malay icon; someone who could convince Malays to come in and join the buffet.

It is like those restaurants that hire Malay girls wearing a hijab/tudung so that potential Malay customers would think that the establishment is halal. The Malay girls are just the bait to get the Malays to part with their money in a place that is not halal certified!

So the DAP is using Tun ‘M’ in the same manner, only minus the hijab for now!

When the DAP really needs a hijab, they usually push Datuk Wan Azizah out front as she comes along with a fan as an accessory item.

The DAP had Datuk Wan Azizah’s husband Anwar Ibrahim as their show piece, but due to his incarceration, they needed someone with a little more flexibility when it comes to mobility.

More recently, the opposition probably had hope for former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin playing the role of de facto icon; even though it boggles the mind how they thought his personality would draw crowds. His candle faded before it was ever really lit!

Next, they more than likely hoped that Mukhriz inherited some of his father’s genes.  Unfortunately, the jeans are more like Wrangler than political genes!

So with no other option; LKS his DAP mates and PKR bit their collective bottom lips and got into bed with Tun ‘M’!

In an earlier segment above, I had written one reason LKS is working with Tun ‘M’ is his or their lack of individual strength of being able to oust the Prime Minister so they reluctantly teamed up!