PKR ticks off DAP over Batu Kitang ‘bankrupt rumour’

Voon Shiak Ni

(Malaysiakini) – PKR’s Batu Kitang candidate Voon Shiak Ni today ticked off DAP for claiming that her nomination papers were not in order.

Voon said the claims that her proposer is bankrupt is an “irresponsible rumour”.

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen at a press conference yesterday claimed the Election Commission turned a blind eye on the bankrupt issue to allow a PKR-DAP duel for the seat.

“There is nothing wrong with our nomination papers and our proposer is not a bankrupt.

“There was a delay most probably because the two independent candidates are using the same logo – the key – and they cast lots to decide who could use the ‘key’ logo.

“I seriously assert that my proposer and I were never called in by the returning officer for any queries at all,” Voon said on her Facebook page.

Batu Kitang PKR campaign manager Simon Siah said Voon’s proposer, Narawi Palayan Miniandi, is mulling legal action.

“We urge Chong to check his facts before making accusation that has caused much damage to the reputation of our proposer who is also our grassroots PKR member.

“This is a defamation to Narawi and he reserves his right to take legal action if necessary,” he said in a statement.

He also urged all to practise “healthy and mature politics”.

“We will continue to put the community issues first rather than practise emotional and vengeful politics,” he said.

DAP and PKR are in a five-cornerned fight for Batu Kitang, following fallout in seat negotiations.

DAP is fielding Abdul Aziz Isa in the Chinese-majority urban constituency in Kuching, in retaliation after PKR fielded its candidates in five other constituncies contested by DAP.

The other constituecies are Mambong, Mulu, Murum, Simanggang and Ngemah.