Sarawak polls: PKR breached agreement on seats, says DAP’s Aziz

Abdul Aziz Isa

(The Star) – PKR breached an agreement on seat allocation, says DAP’s Batu Kitang candidate Abdul Aziz Isa (pic).

Abdul Aziz pointed out that in the agreement between the Pakatan Harapan partners, DAP had agreed to contest 30 seats, PKR 40, and that the remaining would go to Amanah.

“You have to honour the agreement, but certain parties, PKR, has breached the agreement.

“We have no choice but to go to Batu Kitang,” he said, adding that it would be up to the people to choose between DAP, PKR, Barisan Nasional or one of the two independent candidates.

Abdul Aziz, who was initially assigned to contest in the Stakan seat, was fielded in Batu Kitang at the eleventh hour because PKR was alleged to have broken the agreement on seat allocation.

“The decision was made at 1am like that; 1am on Sunday night,” he said, noting that he was just adhering to the DAP’s decision.

When asked again if PKR had breached the agreement, Abdul Aziz replied saying: “Yes, that is what we have been informed.”

“Even if an agreement was not written on paper but agreed verbally, if we have integrity, we will respect the agreement.

“However, if it was signed and written in black and white yet not respected, then what honourable agreement do we have?” he asked.

Batu Kitang is one of the hottest new state seats. It will see a five-cornered fight between Barisan, DAP, PKR and two independent candidates.

Barisan will be represented by SUPP’s Lo Khere Chiang whereas the PKR candidate is Voon Shiak Ni.

Apart from Batu Kitang, DAP and PKR are set to contest against each other in five other seats, namely Mambong (N19), Bukit Semuja (N23), Simanggang (N32), Murum (N66) and Mulu (N78).