Sarawak polls: DAP ‘fires rocket’ at PKR

dap ng wei aik hell

(The Star) – DAP’s Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik has fired a “rocket” at its partner over the allocation of seats in the Sarawak elections.

“Ask PKR to go to hell,” Ng wrote as a comment on a post by DAP “Superman” Hew Kuan Yau which Ng shared on his Facebook page.

The post carried a report quoting PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, quoting Azmin  admitting to allowing Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian to sign authorisation letters giving PKR candidates to contest in six seats which are also being contested by DAP.

Sarawak DAP and PKR are fighting head-on in six disputed seats, tearing apart the agreement signed by their national leaders to avoid overlapping claims.

One of the seats to see a head-on clash is Mulu, where DAP’s Paul Raja will challenged by PKR’s Paul Baya after both candidates submitted their nomination papers on Monday.

Another clash between the two parties is in Batu Kitang, where PKR’s Voon Shiak Ni have to face her opposition counterpart Abdul Aziz Isa of DAP.

In Mambong, PKR’s Willie Mongin and DAP’s Sanjan Daik are in a three-corner fight with Barisan Nasional direct candidate Datuk Dr Jerip Susil.

Four seats will see candidates from the Pakatan Harapan parties in four-cornered fights.

In Simanggang, Leon Jimat Donald (DAP) and Norina Umoi Utot (PKR) are going up against Barisan’s Datuk Francis Harden and independent Ngu Piew Seng.

Ngemah will see Richard Lias (DAP) and Thomas Laja Besi (PKR) going up against Barisan incumbent Alexander Vincent and independent Joseph Jawa Kendawang.

In Murum, the candidates are Abun Sui (PKR), Chukpai Ugon (BN), Matthew Silek (DAP) and independent Stanley Ajang.

Mulu, a new constituency, will see a fight between Barisan direct candidate Datuk Gerawat Gala, Paul Anyie Raja (DAP), Paul Baya (PKR) and independent Roland Dom Mattu.

DAP’s Abdul Aziz Isa and PKR’s Boon Shiak Ni are in a five-cornered fight in Batu Kitang with Lo Khere Chiang from Barisan and independents Othman Bojeng and Sulaiman Kadir.

Additionally, DAP’s Batu Kitang candidate Abdul Aziz Isa has said that PKR breached an agreement on seat allocation.

Abdul Aziz pointed out that in the agreement between the Pakatan Harapan partners, DAP had agreed to contest 30 seats, PKR 40, and that the remaining would go to Amanah.