Tee warns Zakir’s critics to ‘steer clear’ of Islamic affairs

ridhuan-tee zakir

Ridhuan Tee jumps to preacher’s defence and insists Zakir Naik imparts knowledge without insulting the teachings of other religions.

(FMT) – Controversial preacher and academician Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has come to the defence of televangelist Dr Zakir Naik, warning critics to “steer clear” of Islamic affairs.

In his weekly column in Sinar Harian, Tee said based on his observations of Zakir’s talks on social media, the latter never insulted other religions.

“In fact, he (Zakir) just asks people of all religions to appreciate their own religions, based on the original teachings.

“His reality show, including Peace TV, is full of knowledge. It cannot be equated to local reality shows like ‘Pencetus Ummah’, ‘Pendakwah Melinia’ and so on, which are more focused on looking for religious singers and comedians,” Tee said.

He also slammed local leaders who tried to justify Zakir’s presence in the country and said, “Why do we need to be afraid? Just tell (the critics) we invited him because he tells the truth and he’s a great person.

“Why the need to be apologetic? What right do non-Muslims have to interfere in our religious affairs?”

Tee also said Muslims hardly committed any violence against those of other religions, and chose to retaliate only when they themselves came under attack.

“Do we make any noise when smoke from joss sticks fills the air and a sea of people stream into the streets during their religious festivals? The ultra kiasu have labelled Zakir as Satan. Who’s the real Satan?” asked Tee.

Tee reminded non-Muslims to “steer clear” of Islamic affairs, as it was the country’s official religion and added, “Islamic teachings have made the Malays kind-hearted enough to accommodate the non-Muslims here, which has never happened anywhere else.

“Also, Muslims have never intervened in the religious affairs of non-Muslims. Have we barged into their places of worship?”

He said the preacher’s critics were in fact threatened by his very presence as many people had converted to Islam after hearing his talks. Tee also lamented how like Zakir, he too had been barred from entering Singapore.

Taking his frustrations one step further, Tee challenged Zakir’s critics to a debate with him, and added, “I bet there is no religious figure in this world who can remember his holy scripture by heart, except a Muslim.

“If holy scriptures of all major religions in this world were destroyed or thrown into the sea, I’m sure all religions would be destroyed and disappear, except Islam,” Tee claimed.

This is because the Holy Quran is imprinted in the minds of Muslim scholars, and the holy book can be rewritten as the original, he said.