A Mahathir-Najib proxy war about to explode in England


But then no one was aware of what Mahathir was really up to. They sort of believed it was to save Malaysia and to save RM42 billion of the taxpayers’ money and so on. And then Malaysia Today revealed the truth — which is it is about making Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister and then the Prime Minister in 2020.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Some readers are sceptical about the story that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Anti-Najib Campaign (ANC) are using Clare Rewcastle Brown and Sarawak Report to hit back at Malaysia Today — just like they are using Clare Rewcastle Brown and Sarawak Report to hit Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

They want evidence that such a legal letter has, in fact, been sent. Well, if that is what you want (to stop you from calling me a liar) then that is what you are going to get. (READ THE LETTER HERE Seddon-SR).

That is the trouble with these people. When they say something or make an allegation, no proof is required to support what they say or allege. Instead, the person being accused must prove that the allegation is false and that they are innocent of all allegations. However, when we say something or make an allegation, then we must prove it with evidence.

In short, we are guilty until and unless we can prove our innocence while they are innocent until and unless we can prove their guilt. And when we say something we must prove it while when they say something they need not prove it. Instead, we must disprove it.

And that is how things are done in Malaysia. And the modus operandi is we use trial by media in the court of public opinion to finish off our enemies. And that is precisely what Dr Mahathir, the ANC, Clare and Sarawak Report are resorting to.

However, while they can apply these methods and hurl allegations and demand that the accused proves these allegations false (and until and unless he or she does then he or she is deemed guilty), if we do the same thing they protest and send lawyer’s letters and go to court to apply for an injunction to block us.

And this is the scenario I am going to face. But rest assured they are going to have a fight on their hands and it must be a fight where we cannot ponder on the risks and downside. In short, this has to equal a suicide mission where the chances of not returning alive are very high and the option would be to take as many people with you as you die.

In such a battle you cannot worry. Your only worry is whether you can maximise the damage and take as many of the enemy with you as possible. You have to smile as you press the trigger to explode the bomb under your coat. If you can’t do this then the mission is going to fail.

And that is why you need someone with suicidal tendencies to do the job I am doing. And the fact that I sent shockwaves to Bukit Aman three times over 2001 to 2008 because of the hunger strike I launched (and where the government doctor who examined me reported that I am just 48 hours from death) means I am the one best qualified for this job.

So, yes, that is the type of enemy Dr Mahathir, the ANC, Clare and Sarawak Report are faced with. And do they, too, have this same streak in them to fight this battle? Well, we shall soon see when the Clare Rewcastle Brown versus Raja Petra Kamarudin case goes to court.

One of my lawyers is actually quite excited with this case. He calls it ‘the epic battle between two Bloggers, both based in the UK, one supporting Mahathir and the other supporting Najib’. Another lawyer calls it ‘the Mahathir-Najib war in Malaysia being fought via proxy in the UK’.

I can see that many lawyers are already quite excited about this. And they are not too concerned with who is going to win or lose the case but more with the fact that it is actually a Mahathir-Najib proxy war transferred from Malaysia to the UK.

Anther chap very cheekily equated it to the Vietnam War where Russia and America fought a proxy war in Vietnam, one using North Vietnam as its proxy and the other using South Vietnam.

I suppose if Najib is North Vietnam then I am going to kick their arse good and proper. But if Najib is South Vietnam then I am going to get massacred. Most interesting, is it not?

Anyway, it is very important for Mahathir and the ANC to get Clare and Sarawak Report to put us out of action. It seems, according to the Bukit Aman report, Malaysia Today has done the most damage to the campaign to oust Najib.

We have always been one step ahead of them and have pre-empted their every move. And we have identified all those operatives in the ANC and moles in the government who have been feeding the foreign publications, TV stations and blogs with information (leaked and/or fabricated) in which to hit Najib with.

These latest moves, such as inviting foreign powers to help topple Najib and going to the UK court to silence us, demonstrates their desperation. They are now at a loss as to how to win this game and their current moves show this.

Initially, Mahathir attacked Najib to make the Prime Minister kowtow to him. In the beginning it was about Najib bowing to Singapore by not building the Crooked Bridge and about Najib giving too much face to the Chinese but not getting Chinese support for the 2013 general election.

When Mahathir became too much of a nuisance, Najib just ignored him and did not talk to him for six months. And this, according to Mahathir’s own confession, was why he had to go public with his unhappiness regarding Najib.

But these so-called sins of Najib were not really what irked Mahathir. What really made him boiling mad was that his son, Mukhriz, was not really going places and Najib was not lifting a finger to help him.

However, after a year of attacking, it appeared that Mahathir was not really hurting Najib much. And that was why in late 2014 he decided to change horses and shifted the attacks to 1MDB. After that we no longer heard about the Crooked Bridge and about giving in to the Chinese and so on

But then no one was aware of what Mahathir was really up to. They sort of believed it was to save Malaysia and to save RM42 billion of the taxpayers’ money and so on. And then Malaysia Today revealed the truth — which is it is about making Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister and then the Prime Minister in 2020.

And this made people realise why Mahathir only talks about ousting Najib but not about who should take over once Najib is ousted. Malaysia Today became the spoiler, and to distract everyone from this fact, the ANC spread the story that Najib is talking to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for him to take over (with safe passage and a get-out-of-jail-free card for Najib thrown in).

Now many are beginning to realise that Mahathir is keeping the secret of whom he wants as Najib’s successor close to his chest. He is not saying anything. Some suspect it is Anwar Ibrahim (the result of Azmin Ali’s February 2015 meeting with Mahathir in London).

Azmin’s meeting with Mahathir in London on 22nd February 2015 is no secret. The Special Branch, in fact, has sent its report to Najib, and even about what was discussed in the meeting. And the meeting was about PKR supporting the ANC for a pardon for Anwar in return (or at least that is what Anwar thinks).

Today, Mahathir says he cannot accept an immoral person like Anwar as the Prime Minister. Mahathir also cannot accept Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as well. The only person he can accept is Mukhriz and no one else.

They are hoping that with the Ku Li taking over rumour, Zahid and Najib would clash. Then this may weaken Najib. But then Malaysia Today revealed that that rumour was a lie. So Zahid and Najib are not going to quarrel like the ANC hoped they would.

And the final nail in the coffin, which got Mahathir and the ANC really worked up, was when Malaysia Today revealed that Bank Negara was about to pounce on Najib. Malaysia Today pre-empted their move and shot it down before it could take off.

And that was when they decided they needed to take me to court, here in the UK, to try to put me out of action. However, all they did was they opened a second battlefront, just like what Hitler did, which may bring about their demise, just like what happened to Hitler.