What’s Next For Tun; All Aboard The ‘Panama Papers’ Express!


The Malaysian Observer

Now that the Public Accounts Committee has exonerated Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak; will Tun Dr Mahathir and the rest of the opposition zealots admit that they were wrong!

It seems that their admission of being wrong would only be fair as the Prime Minister has admitted very clearly; leaving no room for ambiguity that he was innocent.

What will Tun ‘M’ do now that his RM 42 billion and RM 2.6 billion are not now and have never been parked in the Prime Minister’s bank account!

As I see it, the problem for Tun ‘M’ moving forward is this; if he admits that he was wrong, then he no longer has cause to fight for.  Not having a cause will all but seal Mukhriz’ fate as only being an asterisk under his father’s name.

There will be a caption that reads…

The son who could have followed in his father’s footsteps!

That may still take place if UMNO revokes his membership; then he will be following his father’s footsteps out the door!

Another scenario is if Tun ‘M’ starts imagining and fabricating new crimes the Prime Minister is supposed to have committed.  Doing so will further convince everyone (who does not already know) that his (Tun ‘M’ actions against the Prime Minister are personal and having nothing to do with saving Malaysia!.

Either way; it is pretty much game over for Tun ‘M’!

But Tun ‘M’ is not one to so easily give up.