Malaysian Mandate of Heaven

ku li

KTemoc Konsiders

Currently Ku Li is in a bit of an embarrassing strife because of an unsigned Stat Dec, but it won’t matter much because I suspect Najib really doesn’t give two figs about Ku Li being mentioned or involved in a document as an alternative PM, as he only wanted Ku Li’s public declaration of support for him (a gimmickry as it has been) to show the Heartland that other than an unhappy unpleasant and unreasonable old man, everyone in UMNO supports his PM-ship.

In UMNO there’s always all kinds of Machiavellian manoeuvres, all of which we can indeed assume to be surely Machiavellian wakakaka, and where the only difference is only in each’s degree of intensity (the Machiavellian nature, that is), wakakaka again.

Ku Li had once tried to move democratically against UMNO Baru on a Semangat 46 platform but alas, he found out that fighting from outside against UMNO was near impossible. UMNO had/has the resources (very very deep pockets), the political infrastructure and network, control of the so-called apolitical (but very political) government institutions, and control of the media – it’s only in recent times some media outlets have broken free of UMNO’s control but this phenomenon may be short-lived.

Thus, more so for an UMNO man, erstwhile, former or ex, he or she must get back into UMNO to be able to ascend to where he wants to be, particularly if he/she aspires to be PM.

Would Mahathir have become PM if Razak (Najib’s dad) didn’t invite and accept him back?

Would AAB (previously aligned with Ku Li) have become PM if he didn’t kuai kuai kowtow to Mahathir and return to the Mothership?

Thus Ku Li returns to UMNO, to wait and wait and wait for his chance to become PM. But he was both too cautious to take opportunistic chances and also too much of a proud aristocrat to kowtow kuai kuai to the demands and conditions of a commoner like Mahathir.

Yes, poor Ku Li was not as sly and as quietly kuai-laan as AAB and Najib who both acted as if they would ‘tremblingly hear and obey’ but gave Mahathir the two fingers once they become PM, wakakaka.

Alas, but it has to be said that AAB didn’t fare too well in this regard though Najib seems to be resisting Mahathir’s multiple attempts to dislodge him, wakakaka.
Anyway, there is no denying Ku Li has always wanted to be PM, which explains the SD the DAP has shown in an attempt to chip away and undermine the perceived support Ku Li has declared for Ah Jib Gor – see MM Online’s Zahid can corroborate Ku Li’s role in SD, says DAP man.
However, this time I suspect Ku Li might have finally abandoned his 35 years’ dream – one which sadly for him couldn’t be realized only because he had foolishly given way to Mahathir as Hussein Onn’s deputy because he had wanted to first sort out UMNO’s financial business (Ku Li had the highest support compared to the other 2 UMNO VPs), and eventually as Malaysia’s 4th PM, and only because he also foolishly believed Mahathir would keep his word to have him as DPM.
Sigh, he doesn’t have the Mandate of Heaven, wakakaka.