Let’s not play into the hands of the mad man, the corrupt and the racist

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is mad, absolutely mad. A mad man being absolutely mad at Prime Minister Najib Razak’s ways is kind of a funny paradox. If Mahathir had not messed around with the country’s institutions and the integrity of the principle of separation of powers in government in his heydays, what he is mad about today wouldn’t happen.

Great leaders always prepare their country to outlive themselves, not change the nation’s foundations just so his brand of leadership will prevail. So when the current leadership which he had anointed turned into one that doesn’t suit him, he even want to go so far as tear into the very fabric of the nation just so that Mahathirism prevails.

Do you wonder who is the architect of the present obstacles and difficulties to remove Najib?  It’s the monster himself! That is why it is idiotic or naive that those who find the present situation untenable feel that they have to depend on Mahathir to lead them to salvation. Such two-dimensional thinking! As if Mahathir has with him the secret means to unravel stuff. Do you think he would have come to you if he has it? Sorry lah! Enjoy the blindfolded ride.

Save Malaysia lah, forgive and forget lah, nothing personal lah, let’s unite against tyranny lah. The real truth is the opposition would welcome a change of government whichever way it comes. They are at a loss on how to do that but they want to be politicians, anyhow. For DAP there’s an added bonus; to preside over the split of the Malays a second time in just a couple of years is godsend. To the desperado Malay politicians, anything goes. They’re tired.

Maybe if Najib is allowed his ways, the country will be destroyed. That’s what I thought about Mahathirism decades ago after the Memali incident. And now only it is coming true. The only difference is UMNO Baru has bred Maharithism Baru without paying a fee to the franchise owner. He’s mad!

The tragedy is in the existence of an opposition that does not believe in itself. Listen, if we can’t  stand for what is right for our children and those who come after us, without mortgaging the country to Mahathirism, then we deserve the government we get. The country’s growth will be stifled and the kleptocratic will continue. And DAP is assured of continuing relevancy and the gratefulness of an ever-expanding Chinese membership. That’s all DAP wants.

How do we fight racism that is the hole-card of governmental abuse? Stop being a racist yourself. That would be too much to ask of DAP because that’s the only competitive edge it has. Not honest governance, not transparency, not ingenious far-sightedness, but just like the crab teaching its young to walk straight – just kuew-tiaw talk. If the Chinese Malaysians are happy with this transitional politics pending migration, so be it. Shut up and don’t bitch!

Wary of Islamic radicalism? You think you are the only one? Wariness does not give us a license to write-off what we do not like. It should push us further to seek accommodation and level-headedness. Nothing is free. And level-headed Muslims are still the majority, those not one to out-Muslim each other.

But push us to the corner where the very basis of our faith becomes your punching bag, you’ll be in trouble. Remember that ‘amok’ is still a Malay word and also ‘sai lang’ is a Chinese word. What a potent combination. People who have no stake and have nothing much to lose will find this an attractive opportunity to cause trouble.

Sound crude and heartless. But maybe that’s the jolt that we all need to sober up that our destinies are with each other, and to do the needful. Maybe the reason Najib and Mahathir look invincible is because we haven’t got our own shit together such that a pact with the devil seems more palatable. Lazy, short-sighted amateurs and con-men leading us down the garden path?