Americk : What is Selvi talking about?


Americk Sidhu denies claim by widow of PI Bala that he withdrew suit she filed against PM

(FMT) – Americk Sidhu, the former lawyer for A. Santamil Selvi, the widow of private investigator P. Balasubramaniam, has questioned her claim that he withdrew her suit against the prime minister and seven others.

Americk, in a series of text messages to FMT, pointed out that the suit filed by Selvi had been struck out by the High Court in 2015.

“I never withdrew the suit.

“What on earth is she talking about? I just asked her to appoint another lawyer to take over from me as she had embarrassed me and therefore it was not possible for me to appear for her any longer.”

Americk also hit out at Selvi’s “Neanderthal friends” who he claimed had no idea what they were doing and were wrongly advising her.

Earlier today, Selvi, in a statement, claimed Americk withdrew the suit.

According to her, Americk offered her counsel out of sympathy as he was friends with her late husband and said it was his idea to file the suit. He did not ask for any payment.

Americk had helped Bala to draft his statutory declaration (SD) on the 2006 murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Bala recanted the SD soon afterwards and left the country with his family. However, he returned to the country in 2013 and reaffirmed his first SD, before dying of a heart attack.

In 2014, Selvi filed an RM1.9 million suit against Najib and seven others, including the premier’s wife Rosmah Mansor, based on claims that a conspiracy by the seven had forced Selvi and her family to go into exile from 2008 to 2013.