Mahathir is the only salvation to a bunch of spineless opposition leaders?

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

What you see is what you get. Malaysia today is the Malaysia that Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dreamt of but that had turned into his own nightmare. Malaysia today is the Malaysia that YM Tunku Abdul Rahman warned us before he died. And Malaysia today is Mahathir’s Malaysia that Tun Hussein Onn did not want have anything to do with. Both were men of the highest integrity who were up close and personal with the megalomaniac.

They withdrew their support because they could see what Mahathir was up to. Most of us did not heed these two honourable gentlemen because Mahathir was feeding us with sugar-coated opiates for his Mahathirism to take root. It did take root, at the highest level and at the buttress-root level. The opiates disguised the real goings-on that put the country in real danger of cultish rule that weakened public institutions to allow for a one-man unabashed rampage.

The medium was thinly-disguised racism riding on innocent pedestrians who had been frightened by Mahathir’s agents that they will be wiped off this earth, and will be serfs in their own country. Powerful emotions that powered the engine for one to go against the other. Subtly, of course. Hiding behind and in the name of Tun Abdul Razak Hussein’s attempt to re-structure a Colonial British legacy for a prosperous and united Malaysia of the future.

The New Economic Policy, which has its merits, was handy for Mahathir and his merry men to abuse as conduits for personal wealth accumulation by favoured individuals and to reaffirm Mahathirism among the nervous flock to obey the shepherd. The sad remnants of these brainless flock that have been brainwashed with false bravado and Don Quixote mentality can still be seen egging the him on in their comments following his sermons online.

The Malaysian society is effectively divided by Mahathirism, no matter how distasteful it is to admit it. As if racism was not potent enough to do that, Mahathir recognised that religion can cement his grip. So he responded to PAS’s parochial challenge by declaring that Malaysia was an Islamic state. What a joke! But that is Mahathir. Corruption even bloomed some more disguised under the easily-favoured manoeuvres to protect and project Islam and Muslims.

It is Mahathir’s Malaysia that you see deep polarisation between Malaysians. It did not happen overnight. It was intended and sowed decades ago as the side effect of Mahathirism so that it was easier to rob a divided house. A dynastic succession was arranged but God has its own plans. Mahathirism bred a monster which created havoc unseen in a mild-mannered country, protected by the very mechanisms installed by Mahathir.

Now to fix this broken piece, some idiots with short memories drafted Mahathir himself to do it. In the name of moving on. Tell that to the marines and the sentencing judge. Moving on, my foot! Chances are Mahathir will device new means to screw us. The founder of Mahathirism is less dangerous than the wayward ‘son’? They are both undesirables, and if the opposition is at a loss for a solution that makes sense, fook off and disappear into the woodwork.

The new blood can’t be worse than a bunch of so-called leaders who failed to understand that nationhood requires more than just knee-jerk reactions and simplistic ‘he-says-she-says’ kind of discourse to merit our support. Malaysians will survive this together. I think if all the Malaysian population hug each other in order to survive, the politicians from all sides will freak out. Such frauds.