This is Mahathir’s war, not ours!


In war no quarter is given, and in this instance I am afraid the group that doesn’t seek to “conquer” may be the group that has the most casualties. They become a natural collateral damage. Stay out and let Mahathir fight his own war. 

Lee Yew Meng, The Malay Mail Online

It was first announced that 58 notable politicians and social activists signed the March 4th Citizens’ Declaration to Save Malaysia (CDSM), led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Later, it was recounted to 47. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who was listed as a signatory, was one of those who hadn’t signed.

Almost immediately after, criticisms started pouring in, principally on the collaboration between Mahathir and Bersih. The Bersih steering committee decided to clarify that their chairman Maria Chin Abdullah signed in her personal capacity. I am not certain highly-regarded Oppositionist Lim Kit Siang could satisfactorily explain to his party or even his loyalists why he did it.

“Save Malaysia” movement anchored by Mahathir? Laughable but not in the least funny.

Highest stakes political manoeuvres

When Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hollered from the prison walls that he supported the CDSM, it would be the signal for his communications artillery to commence firing. If Anwar is even prepared to put aside all the grievous personal setbacks inflicted him by Mahathir, and support Mahathir to support the cause, who are we to continue holding it against Mahathir?

What is Anwar’s motivation here? If Datuk Seri Najib Razak were to step down as prime minister where would Anwar be, or is he even in the queue? He would be exactly nowhere as matters stand, not even out of jail. Then it reasons that the end game is not just the resignation.

Neither can it be Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s end game. He looks like seeking a political revolution ultimately leading to institutional reforms. Somehow I believe in the nobility of his intentions. That also spoke volumes of why a man of his immense intellect and courage isn’t a mainstay in BN or Pakatan partisan politics. He is too much a dreamer, and Lord knows, we need a few more like Zaid, but dreaming with Mahathir? Then I wish him to awaken, pronto.

Of course his March 27 date “People’s Congress 2016” will draw the political grouping. But none will have the remotest end game goals similar to Mahathir and son. Well, politicians know their game best.

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