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Reading Mahathir’s blog post yesterday titled “Najib’s achievements”, I am struck by the amount of half-truths, spins and outright lies in it.

As I have been on FaceBook for 2 1/2 years, I am deeply familiar with the Red Bean Army’s (RBA) propaganda. For those who do not know, the RBA was a termed coined to describe cybertroopers loyal to the DAP prior to the 13th General Election to spread mis-truth and incite hatred towards the government.

Let me explain and rebut you like how I answer any common RBA troopers.

Che Det’s writing in italics, my responses in blue.

1) He seeks the permission of the Singapore PM for the building of the bridge to replace the Malaysian part of the causeway. Later he asked the Singapore PM when he wanted to build the high-speed train. In both cases he was rejected. He doesn’t seem to be in full charge of the affairs of his own country.

That dang crooked bridge again!  The Sultan of Johor in an interview in December 2015 said:

“Both of us be­lieve that Jo­hor and Malaysia will ben­e­fit from the on­go­ing de­vel­op­ment and when the Kuala Lumpur-Sin­ga­pore fast train is built, the ben­e­fits will be enor­mous.

I do not want to dig up the past nor do I wish to take a swipe at any politi­cian, ac­tive or re­tired, but the PM un­der­stands and ap­pre­ci­ates the need to work closely and not to re­peat the past.

I find it hard to un­der­stand the ra­tio­nale or ir­ra­tional­ity of any Malaysian leader who wants Malaysia to quar­rel with Sin­ga­pore. It’s what I called crooked thinking.

Perhaps Mahathir should listen to His Royal Highness’ advice and give up on your crooked thinking. Give up on your dendam and irrational hatred and learn to work together with our neighbours.

Just because Singapore had embarrassed you by refusing to loan Malaysia USD5 billion even though you had publicly asked for it to save our country from the 1998 Asian Economic Crisis, doesn’t mean that you must hate them forever.

If Malaysia had managed our economy well in the 1990s and not go on an unrestrained building binge and if we had not lost RM30 billion of BNMs reserves by your gambling on FOREX speculation then we would not have to be put into such a situation that we had to meekly and publicly ask our neighbours for help despite Mahathir whacking Singapore for decades.

When you build a bridge that joins two countries, I think it is logical to assume that you will need their approval too. What happens if we build only our side and the other side refuses to allow us to join the bridge to them or just close off the bridge permanently? Or bring the case up for international arbitration? Such a scenario would also embarrass us further.

2) He employed European consultants to advise him on the policies for the nation. This cost Malaysia RM 7 billion. These consultants did not understand the multi-racial character of Malaysia and the sensitivities of the people. The result is greater racism and tension between the races in Malaysia. The Chinese who before supported the BN, rejected him completely in 2013.

The much-bandied about figure of RM7 billion figure for consultants was for ALL consultants – local and foreign and includes such services for consulting engineers, consulting physicians, local accounting firm special audits etc – like what you did when you engaged Price Waterhouse to do a special report on Perwaja’s RM15 billion losses.

RM7 billion is certainly not all for your “so-called European consultants” alone – but for services that the entire government spent for the 5 years period on.

And like any RBA, when challenged on this, I am pretty sure you would not be able to list down and justify your RM7 billion figure.

And to take it into perspective, RM7 billion is for the 5 years period between 2009 to 2013 – where the average govt budget spending per year is RM200 billion – making it a total of about RM1 trillion.

RM7 billion out of RM1 trillion would just be 0.7% of all spending.

Using absolute figures (rather than taking figures into perspective) and outright lies are a favourite RBA tactic.

Now you are blaming Najib for the drop in Chinese votes in GE13?

It is mostly thanks to DAP demonizing PERKASA and PERKASA’s many racial-tinged attacks against the Chinese and non-Muslims.

Did Mahathir forget that he was the patron of PERKASA and Ibrahim Ali’s boss?

If you don’t understand, here’s a simple cybertrooper style graphics.