Mad Magazine’s ‘white spy vs black spy’ gambit of opposition politicians

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

Pakatan Harapan is an opposition front that housed all those parties, except now PAS, that got together previously under Anwar Ibrahim’s Pakatan Rakyat with the common intention of obliterating Mahathir Mohamad’s Barisan Nasional.

Today, Pakatan Harapan has metamorphosed into a front that is now teaming up with Mahathir himself to topple Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN. Why?

For those us who are keen observers of BN core politics, there is nothing that Najib is allegedly practising today that was not practised by Mahathir. So obviously there is an internal personality clash in BN. Pakatan had hoped that BN would implode in its favour. But that did not happen because Mahathir was not strong enough to untangle Najib’s grip on the party.

Pakatan is still fighting the same excessive politics of BN no matter who BN’s maestro is. Opportunistically waiting for the spoils and egging on the personalities that want to rock BN is a natural instinct by vultures that are not capable of doing the hard work themselves.

Early on when the glaring stalemate got to be an embarrassment for the megalomaniac Mahathir, he began to plagiarise the opposition’s storyboard and narratives, which he had ignored previously, in order to broaden his appeal. It added a flavour to his fight to make it appear that it was not just a personal vendetta.

Mahathir thought he could keep this an internal affair so that he could inherit a healthy BN after he has successfully removed Najib. But that was not to be. He then alleged that Najib played foul. And he poured on more opposition fodder because he had little of his own.

Inevitably we are now witnessing what may be a scorched-earth policy of the losing Mahathir. He had left his party and signed up with his enemies. For the sake of Malaysia, he said. But the wily old fox has more tricks up his sleeve.

The naive self-appointed civil leaders swallowed Mahathir’s ploy hook, line and sinker. Even to the unthinkable point of forgiving Mahathir of his past sins, as if they have the mandate to do so.

Even the battle-hardened Lim Kit Siang seemed to appear to forego the anger and regrets of his own incarceration without trial by Mahathir and his son’s shitting in an open toilet in prison for two years. It’s not personal, LKS claimed. It’s to save Malaysia.

Tell that to Fan Yew Teng, Goh Hock Guan, Lee Lam Thye, Richard Ho, Wee Chee Keong and Tengku Aziz, among the many who had the benefit of his devious tricks at every opportunity. Another wily old fox is up to his tricks again.

Even Anwar Ibrahim is a supporter in absentia. He has an agenda, too. Simply said, he wants to get out of prison for an unrelated offence before it’s time. He’s hoping that the reforms this group demands include his release. As if it matters. He had ten years and blew it sweeping things under the carpet.

What you see is not what you get. Last Friday was a scene directly out of Mad Magazine’s ‘white spy versus black spy’. Everybody is setting up everybody and the Rakyat’s welfare is the furthest thing from his/her minds. What will play out will convince Malaysians that crime pays if the arena is filled with self-benefitting politicians on all sides.

What are Mahathir and LKS up to? Watch this space, and we will see what will even beat the cartoon characters at deviousness, greed and desperation.