Mahathir cannot criticise Umno now that he’s quit

yaakob mahathir

Former prime minister should focus on his NGO work and family, says Umno veteran Mustapha Yaakob

(FMT) – Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has lost the right to criticise Umno’s leadership now that he has quit the party, says Umno veteran Mustapha Yaakob.

“He is no longer a party member and constitutionally speaking, he has no right to talk about Umno or attack Umno leaders,” Mustapha was quoted in a Malaysiakini report as saying.

“It is true that as a Malaysian he has the right to express his views, but we ask that since he has decided to leave, he should let bygones be bygones.”

He said that Mahathir should truly retire from politics to focus his efforts and energy instead on the various NGOs he is patron of.

Mustapha added that Mahathir should also stop while he is still respected as a statesman, so that he would be remembered as an eminent personality.

“If he were to leave us, we want him to be remembered as a respected statesman. Enough is enough. He is of a matured age. He may want to spend time with his family and focus on his children and grandchildren. That is what we hope,” Mustapha added.

Umno Kelantan information chief, Md Alwi Che Ahmad meanwhile, said that Mahathir’s exit was not something new.

“History always repeats itself. It’s only the characters that are different,” he said in a report by Sinar Harian.

“So far, only two out of six former Umno presidents have stayed in the party to the end of their lives, that is Tun Abdul Razak and God willing, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.”

“So Tun Mahathir’s attitude is nothing new.”

He said that party president Najib Razak should take a page from Mahathir’s playbook and fix the party’s weaknesses, as Mahathir had witnessed during his time in power, that saw the loss of two former presidents and a large part of the Supreme Council.

“This is unfortunate for Umno. But such things always happen in life. What’s important while we still live is what we do next after it,” he said.