Was Muhyiddin conspiring against Najib?


Another Brick in the Wall

Just unleashed my reply to commentator drMpower for making sweeping childish statement here.

One critical posting on MACC does not change years, if not decades, of support and defense of them. It is shallow to think and assume that any time a critical piece is published the past opinion has no more relevance.

It is critical but not an attack, merely pleading Tan Sri Abu Kassim to stop playing games and be honest. He said he would lodge a police report against Dato Bahari but he did not. An internal memo leaked him saying he will defend the wayward officials.

The concern is it would make him look like those Little Napolean bureaucrats swaying with the wind to keep their position and stay powerful. After all, MACC should be above everyone because they only answer to God and not concern with the worldly trappings of wealth, position and power.

drMpower is a protun and have been commenting in this blog for years. Since taking a diammetrically opposite position to Tun M, he has resort to nitpicking, name calling, and labeling. His comment have turned to personal “attack” in nature and not discussive.

Quite typical of proTun these days particularly when dumbfounded without a decent argument to counter. When not in a “maki-maki” mode, they become rhetorical.

Since not being appointed by Najib as Deputy PM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s statements have been rhetorical. It is fine for someone without position as it represent their aspiration, but the expectation on Muhyiddin is for more practical and specific treatment of issues raised.

Seasoned politicians turned rhetorical when they are on a dream selling campaign trail. Not about to buy into it yet, but talk is Muhyiddin have been working on ground with the “rest” to topple Najib.

The current mode of the guerilla fight is similar to the days of toppling Pak Lah which is to topple UMNO too. It is their right to do so in a democratic system. However, it is not right from the perspective of any political party discipline; be it PAS or DAP or PKR or any.

This blogger have been Muhyiddin friendly for decades since the year he got knocked out of the UMNO Vice Presidency by Dato Najib, Tun Abdullah and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhamamd Taib from the previous position as first VP. It is bind by our Johorean tie.

However, the reality is Muhyiddin does not have the influence and followers like Anwar Ibrahim to mount an attack. Since not appointed as Deputy PM, Muhyiddin should have taken leave from Deputy President UMNO post. But instead he asked Najib to be on leave.

That is exactly what Tun M wants. He wanted Muhyiddin to join him to fight Najib. It does not come at much cost to Tun M but lifelong career cost to Muhyiddin.

Tun M wants Najib to be charged so that he could place Muhyiddin temporarily as acting PM. In the meanwhile, proTun and pro-Hishamuddin are picking on Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Muhyiddin fell for it and pick up a fight with Najib.

It seemed he didn’t get what is happening. Should Muhyiddin listen to the “Council of Elders”, it should be a permanent arrangement as PM. If not, he will join the long list of political victims from Musa Hitam to Pak Lah.

He got himself trapped. There goes a potential PM from a true Johorean. Hishamuddin is treated as Johorean by virtue of family ties but he was born in Kuala Lumpur