Mat Rempits love to terrorise the public, not just racing their kap cais, minister!

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

When I hear about the ultimate pandering by the federal territory minister Adnan Mansor to close city streets to facilitate Mat Rempits racing their kap cais or do moronic stunt-riding, I thought I missed something.

So I went out to ask a Mat Rempit whether he is ecstatic about the minister’s generosity. No enthusiasm from him, just a shrug. “Ok la,” was all he ventured, “kalau ada orang tonton.” He was wondering about presence of spectators. What if the government allows them to race for free at the Sepang circuit, I naively asked. “Boring la!” he retorted.

Puzzled then by the minister’s initiative, I called up an ex-Mat Rempit acquaintance and wondered why. He laughingly told me that racing kap cais is only a small part of Mat Rempit culture that affect the others. They love to terrorise the public and show-off their idiotic infantile stunts. They can make motorists in cars far more expensive than their kap cais to defer to them, as a power thing to arouse their libido. The roar of a hundred kap cais may be music to their ears, but it’s the terrified faces of the public that they live for.

One of their favourite past-time is closely boxing up single female drivers with about 10 Mat Rempits and riding dead slow as if to challenge her to knock them. The horrified and terrified lady cries in terror and that, minister, made their day. Not winning stupid races at 100 kph on their pathetic kap cais – that’s for more ambitious riders, alien to their world.

They do ‘wheelies’ and ride ‘superman’ to the admiration of idiots by the roadside who also have nothing better to do, much less spend on a Coke and have an intelligent conversation. Once in a while, Mat Rempits rob to supplement their livelihood that are spoilt by cheap labour from Bangladesh. Cheap drugs and free sex are glamorous stuff in their world.

According to my friend, it is all about getting some attention and the ‘lack-of-love’ syndrome. And how dare the minister deprive Mat Rempits of what they live for. Empty streets, full of supervising cops? Are you kidding? With no driving licenses, no road-tax and insurance and all? The minister doesn’t even know what make Mat Rempits tick, yet he wants to talk.

So the minister expects us to give up the streets to these ungrateful Mat Rempits. For what? For their contributions to the nation? Another example of lack of homework and research by a minister to cause verbal diarrhoea. The test of a solution is simple: Will this move cause the streets to be free of marauding Mat Rempits going the opposite direction endangering others?

No, not according to my friend. He doesn’t remember his former Mat Rempit gang ever requesting for it, anyway. They can have their cake and eat it too, doing it on other days. The best way to stop Mat Rempits from terrorising the streets is simply, determined enforcement by dedicated cops. Too bad Mat Rempits don’t have much cash in their wallets, so they are left pretty much alone except for the occasional ‘operation’ as they call it with glee.

The fussy minister would not even want the poor and the destitute to line up at makeshift soup kitchens in the city provided by the sympathetic public, but he is happy to pander to Mat Rempits and their mindless behaviour. No acceptable rationale for his brainchild, only sheer ignorance caused by inhaling too much carpet fibres that freeze the brain.

How in God’s name did he make minister? No wonder the BN is in such disarray. And those homeless kids playing street football in Chow Kit are getting the right idea. Soon they will have the streets to themselves, courtesy of the minister. Or maybe not, they are destitute. That cancels out.