Najib was supposed to resign on 29 July 2015


But Najib did not succumb to pressure or bow to blackmail. Instead, he fought back and got rid of those with drawn daggers. Julius Caesar was warned to be careful of the Ides of March, 2060 years ago, but he ignored the warning. Najib did not ignore the warning to be careful of the 29th of July last year. And that was why Caesar died 2060 years ago but Najib did not.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

This has always been Abdul Gani Patail’s modus operandi since long before be became Malaysia’s Attorney General 14 years ago in 2002. He would decide what the charge was going to be, he would draft the charge sheet, and then he would go looking for the evidence and/or fabricate the evidence to match the charge.

That was precisely why Gani was made the Attorney General in 2002 and precisely why he managed to stay for 13 years — although he was drenched in corrupt acts, abuse of power, cover-ups, fabrication of evidence, false charges, and much more, almost his entire pathetic career.

Gani might currently be regarded as the hero of Pakatan Harapan and the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) — just like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz Mahathir, etc., are. However, he is going to be remembered by saner people as the man who destroyed whatever little justice there was left in Malaysia after Dr Mahathir demolished the judiciary in 1988.

Gani had decided (or had been ordered by his boss at that time) that Anwar Ibrahim must be charged for sexual misconduct (with boys, men, prostitutes and married women) plus for abuse of power (by trying to cover up his sexual misconduct).

Gani then drafted nine charge sheets against Anwar but he needed the evidence to prove these charges. So he went out and tried to fabricate the evidence.

Gani first sent two Special Branch (SB) officers to meet Anwar: Datuk Mohamad Said Awang and Datuk Amir Junus (the then Special Branch director and deputy director II respectively).

At first Azmin Ali (the current Selangor Menteri Besar) would not allow the two SB officers to meet Anwar (because they did not have any appointment plus Anwar was busy) but they insisted and told Azmin that it was a matter of national security.

Since it came under ‘national security’ Azmin had no choice but to allow them access to Anwar and when the two SB officers met Anwar they told him that there was an allegation of sexual misconduct against him by irresponsible people who are trying to bring down the government. They then asked Anwar (since this is matter of national security involving bringing down the government) for permission to handle this case. And Anwar said okay.

Said Awang and Amir Junus then told the court that it was Anwar who summoned them to his office and it was Anwar who instructed them to cover up this crime. And for that Anwar was convicted of abuse of power and sentenced to six years jail (even though Azmin had testified that it was the Special Branch officers who ‘gate-crashed’ Anwar’s office and not Anwar who had summoned them).

So there was some doubt as to whom was telling the truth. However, the benefit of the doubt was given to the accuser, not to the accused (as how the law should have worked) and since Anwar could not prove his innocence (instead of the prosecution having to prove his guilt, as how the law should have worked) Anwar spent six years in jail.

And for that Gani was rewarded with the post of Attorney General.

Then they needed to fix Anwar up on the eight remaining charges of sexual misconduct. So they went out looking for ‘witnesses’ and tried to force witnesses (with threats of the death sentence) and bribe witnesses (with the promise of plenty of money) to testify against Anwar to make the eight charges stick.

You can read about all this in the ADDENDA BELOW but the long and short of it all is they managed to get ‘witnesses’ for only one of the cases. So they had no choice but to drop the other seven charges (due to ‘lack of evidence’).

So Anwar was given another nine years jail to add to the first six years. If they had managed to pursue all nine charges, then Anwar would have been sentenced to more than 100 years in jail in total (all consecutive and not concurrent), which means he would still be in jail until today (oops, he is still in jail today).

The Rosli Dahlan and Ramli Yusuff cases were exactly the same. While in Anwar’s case they used the Special Branch to nail him, in the Rosli Dahlan and Ramli Yusuff cases they used the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

You can read the details of these cases in the last three documents below (in the ADDENDA) but the long and short of it is they needed to make sure that Ramli does not become the new Inspector General of Police (IGP). So they needed to get him suspended until he reaches retirement age.

They knew they did not have a case to convict Ramli but that did not matter. All they needed was to get Ramli out of circulation until be reaches retirement age and then it no longer matters what happens. In fact, the MACC Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, was ‘honest enough’ to admit that MACC did not have a case against Rosli Dahlan and Ramli Yusuff (which you can read below), but that did not stop them for doing what they were doing.

So Gani and MACC drafted the charge sheets and then fabricated some sort of evidence to justify arresting Rosli and Ramli and keep them busy in court. Of course, the judge later threw the cases out of court and even said that the witnesses were lying. But the damage had been done and that is all that mattered. Ramli had in the meantime reached retirement age and could no longer become the IGP (while Kevin Morais ended up in a drum full of cement).

So it is more or less a proven formula that has been used for almost 20 years. And last year they tried using it again against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Gani told MACC’s Deputy Director of Investigation, Dato’ Sazali Salbi, to draft a charge sheet against Najib.

Sazali told Gani that there is no evidence against Najib and that the case would not stick. In fact, the court might even discharge Najib without calling for his defence, like what happened in the Ramli Yusuff case (Malays call it buang kes).

Gani told Sazali to not worry about that. The objective was not really to charge Najib in court so it does not matter whether the case can stick or not. The objective was to threaten Najib with arrest and use the charge sheet to blackmail him into resigning.

Gani then showed the draft charge sheet to Dr Mahathir and they decided to ‘leak’ it so that Sarawak Report could carry it. This was so that even more pressure could be put on Najib to resign, which was scheduled for 29 July 2015.

But Najib did not succumb to pressure or bow to blackmail. Instead, he fought back and got rid of those with drawn daggers. Julius Caesar was warned to be careful of the Ides of March, 2060 years ago, but he ignored the warning. Najib did not ignore the warning to be careful of the 29th of July last year. And that was why Caesar died 2060 years ago but Najib did not.

And Gani who had played the same game too many times against too many people in the past finally met his match in the form of a person named Najib Razak. The Malays say: how clever the squirrel may be at jumping from tree to tree one day it will make a mistake and fall to the ground.

And that squirrel by the name of Gani Patail did make a mistake in July 2015 and did finally fall to the ground. Care for any squirrel satay, people? Not sure whether it tastes nicer than rabbit satay, which I ate only once in Shahidan Kassim’s office.


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