Malacca beauty pageant ‘haram’, ‘insults’ women, Islamic parties say


(Malay Mail Online) – Islamist PAS and splinter party Amanah today railed against the Malacca authorities for organising a beauty pageant to boost tourism, claiming the event exploits women by making them wear revealing clothes and is “haram” in Islam.

Amanah’s Malacca women’s wing also referred to Awan Melaka said the state government should be working to improve the status of women in the southern state and not use them as “entertainment” tools.

“Clearly the Miss Tourism competition is ‘haram’ according to Islam because of the clothes that are revealing and disrespectful, while the attendees also comprise both men and women.

“We as women feel insulted because this programme clearly exploits women and displays the shape of their body and also their aurat to men,” Awan Melaka said in a Facebook posting today.

Aurat refers to the parts of a Muslim woman’s body that must be covered, but the extent of which varies in interpretation according to schools of Islam.

The group added that the Malacca government should also apologise to women for organising the Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2016 competition.

“Awan Melaka regrets that the vice programme is still going on using the excuse to draw tourists to Malacca,” the group said.



The state’s PAS muslimat chief Hajah Kintan Man also said in a statement that the party condemns Malacca’s move organise the competition and said that there were many other ways for the state to draw in more visitors.

“DMPNM regrets the efforts and actions of the state government in recognising the world beauty queen pageant that is clearly exploiting the dignity of women.

“As such, DMPNM that supports PAS’s foundation which is Islam, strongly opposes the organisation of the event,” the statement read, referring to the state’s Dewan Muslimat by its Malay acronym.

She added that the state government could instead upgrade Malacca’s many tourist spots and also promote the state’s culture through various community-wide activities instead of using a beauty competition.

News portal The Star Online reported on January 4 that contestants from 52 countries were vying for the Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2016 title organised by the Malacca Historic City Council (MBMB).

The final stage of the competition, which will take place on January 16, was meant to be held in Bangkok but due to last-minute changes, is now to be held in Malaysia.