To Najib’s critics, why so rattled by Sultan’s advice?


Prime Minister Najib Razak still has some fight in him and despite tales of doom, has survived 2015 and proved his critics wrong.

Tajuddin Rosli, Free Malaysia Today

The exclusive interview that Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor had with The Star recently answered many allegations that have been made throughout 2015. His Royal Highness’s wise words that Prime Minister Najib Razak be given a second chance to govern the country was like a poison dart to Najib’s critics.

Although no names were mentioned, I am sure former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s heart may have missed a beat at the Sultan’s words.

A lot has been said about Najib and his government since the third quarter of 2014 and sensational headlines painted a picture of doom in Malaysia.

Some of the headlines worth mentioning were “Najib could be first PM to bankrupt country” (October 2014); “Malaysia can go bankrupt if Dr M’s warnings on 1MDB ignored” (April 2015); “Johor fortress lost if Umno sacks Muhyiddin” (August 2015); “Mahathir: If you love Umno reject Najib now” (September 2015); and “Malaysia has become a pariah state” (October 2015).

Throughout 2015, we were warned of the possibility of Malaysia going down the same path as Greece. I always felt such insinuations were far-fetched. Every long weekend, it was a chore planning for a family holiday as hotels everywhere were fully booked, highway traffic was gridlocked, shopping malls were jam-packed, airports were full, and flights were delayed because of increased air traffic. How could one justify such occurrences if people were indeed suffering economically and the country was going bankrupt?

Then there was the meeting Muhyiddin Yassin had with Johor royalty that was seen as a warning sign for Najib. Sultan Ibrahim however clarified his stand. He said he met Muhyiddin twice since his sacking as Najib’s deputy but refused to be involved in politics. The Sultan admitted to meeting Najib many times officially and unofficially to discuss state matters. Isn’t it a wonder how Najib’s meetings with the Sultan of Johor were never highlighted as much as Muhyiddin’s were?

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has admonished Najib in the past for maintaining friendly relations with Singapore. Perhaps Mahathir could never accept the fact that his nemesis, the late Lee Kuan Yew outdid him during the same period of leadership to propel Singapore to a much higher level of greatness than Malaysia.

Mahathir also attacked Najib for abandoning his crooked bridge project by saying the prime minister danced too much to Singapore’s tune.

“I find it hard to understand the irrationality of any Malaysian leader who wants Malaysia to quarrel with Singapore. It’s what I call crooked thinking”, uttered Sultan Ibrahim. It is pretty obvious whose crooked thinking His Royal Highness was referring to.