Perkasa says may become party if Umno, PAS falter in GE14


(Malay Mail Online) – Malay rights group Perkasa says it will consider becoming a political party to safeguard the Bumiputera agenda if Umno and PAS fail to do so in the next general election.

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali noted that Umno, currently the flagbearer for the Bumiputera agenda, was facing internal turmoil that was endangering the Barisan Nasional’s hold on power, possibly necessitating Perkasa’s formal entry into politics.

But he was quick to insist that his group has not made any firm decision on being a political party, saying it will be revisited only after the 14th general election.

“There have been discussions among the grassroots but nothing at the top level yet. If they really want us to be a political party, they (grassroots) would have to put in a proposal that we would consider and decide upon,” he told Malay Mail Online yesterday.

Stressing on the complexities of forming a political party, the former Pasir Mas MP added that there would be no need for Perkasa to become a political entity if PAS and Umno could co-operate on defending Malay and Muslims rights.

Separately, Perkasa deputy president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar said the discord in Umno has invited more purported attacks against Malay rights.

“Look at the opposition; they are getting strong with Chinese support, especially the DAP. They are becoming more bold in voicing out about issues even religious matters they are interfering.

“The government is very lenient. They should look into this matter more. Don’t question us or touch us on what’s stated in the Constitution, they should just follow,” Abdul Rahman explained.

Neither men elaborated, however, on what performance by either PAS or Umno would be considered sufficiently unsatisfactory as to require Perkasa’s entry into politics.

Perkasa was once viewed as an offshoot of Umno due to their common membership, but has become antagonistic towards the Malay nationalist party in recent times.

Umno is currently courting rival PAS for a possible collaboration on the grounds of Malay-Muslim unity.