Is Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man another Muhyiddin Yassin?


The answer is simple. They failed to oust Najib and Hadi. They no longer have issues to throw at Najib and Hadi. So now they want to bring in a new issue in the hope that this time it will bring down both Najib and Hadi. And this new issue is Najib and Hadi are sharing the same stage when they should instead be fighting one another while using Islam as that platform to fight.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

There seems to be mixed signals coming out from PAS. The top leaders in the party such as its deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, Mahfuz Omar, etc., are making contradicting statements that appear to be aimed at undermining party president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Tuan Ibrahim is beginning to look like Muhyiddin Yassin while Mahfuz is looking like Shafie Apdal, the Deputy President and Vice President of Umno who were plotting behind the scenes to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Now they are saying that for the sake of and in the interest of Malay unity both Najib and Hadi should step down. How does that work? Say Najib and Hadi do resign how would this help towards Malay unity? Would Umno and PAS then merge once Najib and Hadi are no longer around? Is there even a plan to merge the two parties in the first place and are Najib and Hadi blocking it?

It is actually nonsense. It is like saying that once Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail all resign then PKR and DAP can merge into one party like the way PKN and PRM did more than ten years ago. Are Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail blocking the merger of PKR and DAP? Is there even an intention in the first place to merge PKR and DAP?

By the way, talking about Muhyiddin, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should have smelt a rat when the supporters of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi began to support him in the effort to oust Najib. I am surprised the old man never stopped to think why the Abdullah supporters who hated him so much suddenly turned around and supported him.

When Abdullah became Prime Minister on 1st November 2003 he did not appoint a deputy. So for two months Malaysia did not have a Deputy Prime Minister. And the reason was because Abdullah wanted Muhyiddin while Dr Mahathir wanted Najib.

In the end Dr Mahathir won and Najib was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister. Then Dr Mahathir ousted Abdullah and Najib took over as Prime Minister and Najib chose Muhyiddin as his number two when he could have chosen someone else such as Zahid Hamidi.

To repay Najib’s kindness, Muhyiddin plotted against his boss, who would not even have been his boss in the first place had Najib not chosen him as the number two. And now Abdullah’s people side with Muhyiddin against Najib by supporting Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir should have already realised at that time that Muhyiddin was behind the move to oust Najib. And Dr Mahathir should also have realised that Muhyiddin wanted to keep his hands clean by allowing the old man to take the ‘credit’ for the move against Najib. If the plot fails then Dr Mahathir would be blamed and if it succeeds Muhyiddin would reap the benefits. It was a ‘heads I win and tails you lose’ situation. If the shit hits the fan you will smell bad and if it does not then I go up to take the winner’s pedestal.

It was actually a very clever move. Muhyiddin was the pimp. Khairuddin Abu Hassan was his prostitute. Dr Mahathir was the vehicle to ferry the prostitute. And Matthias Chang was the driver of that vehicle that ferried the prostitute all over the place. And the loser in this whole thing, of course, was the vehicle that allowed himself to be used and was set up as the fall guy.

In a way, both Najib’s and Hadi’s fates crossed when those in their respective parties tried to oust them but failed. However, while the move to oust Najib has gone dead in the water, the move to oust Hadi has gone underground. And because Najib and Hadi shared the same stage recently the move to oust Hadi has resurfaced.

Najib and Hadi shared the same stage in the interest of Muslim unity. And there is no denying that Islam is under attack. What you see below are just some of the many anti-Islam postings by non-Muslims in the social media. The Malaysian politicians are even attacking what the Sultan of Brunei is doing in his own country. Why so kaypoh about the internal matters of another country? Is it because you want an excuse to attack Islam?

Pakatan Rakyat kicked PAS out of the coalition. And they did this by disbanding Pakatan Rakyat and then they set up Pakatan Harapan without inviting or allowing PAS to join that new coalition. In short, PKR and DAP divorced PAS.

So why does Pakatan Harapan care about what PAS does? You have already divorced your spouse so if your spouse starts dating someone else that is none of your business. And they are just dating, mind you. They are not sleeping together or getting married. You no longer have any right to comment on what your ex-spouse does.

But Pakatan Harapan is still talking about what PAS does even though it is none of their business. Once you have divorced your spouse then you should just shut the fook up, especially when you are not even paying alimony. But Pakatan Harapan is still telling PAS what it can and cannot do.

Hadi has to be very careful about the Muhyiddin and Shafie in PAS who go by the name of Tuan Ibrahim and Mahfuz. Tuan Ibrahim and Mahfuz are trying to do to Hadi exactly what Muhyiddin and Shafie did to Najib. The question now is who are the Dr Mahathir, Khairuddin and Matthias in PAS? I probably can name them but will not do that yet at this stage.

Najib and Hadi also have to be very careful about how they manage the criticism. DAP boasts that 95% of the Chinese support Pakatan Harapan and that MCA and Gerakan are dead, while the Malays are divided into four — Umno, PAS, PKR and PAN.

That may be so and the boast may be warranted. But when Umno and PAS start talking about Muslim unity they attack Najib and Hadi. So it is okay if 95% of the Chinese are united under Pakatan Harapan. But it is not okay when Muslims also attempt some form of unity.

95% Chinese support for Pakatan Harapan is a good thing. Umno and PAS sitting down to explore Muslim unity is a bad thing. Muslims must remain divided into four — Umno, PAS, PKR and PAN. That is the only thing that is right and good.

We are not talking about PAS joining Barisan Nasional. We are not talking about Umno and PAS merging into one party and changing its name from United Malays National Organisation to United Muslims National Organisation (also Umno). We are talking about the two largest political parties in Malaysia sitting down to ensure that Muslims in Malaysia do not end up like Muslims in the Middle East.

I would say that this is a good thing unless you consider Muslims in other countries slaughtering one other, as well as the non-Muslims, as a great event.

Umno and PAS combined have more than four million members. That makes them a potent force. And the way things are going in the Muslim world when two great forces collide that affects everyone.

Malaysia is going to face hard times next year because the price of oil is collapsing — all due to the war in the Middle East. So, Muslims kill Muslims in the Middle East and non-Muslims in Malaysia have less money in their pockets. What do you think it is going to be like if Muslims start killing Muslims in Malaysia?

What Najib and Hadi are attempting is a good thing. Anything that can prevent civil strife and religious conflict is a good thing. So why get upset when Najib and Hadi sit down to talk rather than quarrel and push Malaysia to the brink of a civil war?

The answer is simple. They failed to oust Najib and Hadi. They no longer have issues to throw at Najib and Hadi. So now they want to bring in a new issue in the hope that this time it will bring down both Najib and Hadi. And this new issue is Najib and Hadi are sharing the same stage when they should instead be fighting one another while using Islam as that platform to fight.

Be careful what you wish for. You wish that Malaysia would become like Iraq and Syria where Muslims kill Muslims. If that does happen you will wish you never wished for that. And if Najib and Hadi can prevent such a thing from happening they should be hailed instead of condemned.

So what do Pakatan Harapan, Tuan Ibrahim, Mahfuz and all those others want? Do they want a Muslim-Muslim conflict so that Pakatan Harapan can become stronger? These are very small-minded people who imagine that the only way to form the next federal government is for 95% of the Chinese to support Pakatan Harapan and for the Malays to be split into four and to continue quarrelling till the end of time.