Shut your mouth and school your cheating race, Ali Tinju tells MCA

Ali Tinju

(Malay Mail Online) – Accusing MCA of defending “cheating Chinese”, Mohd Ali Baharom told leaders in the Barisan Nasional (BN) party to stop shifting the blame and to take responsibility for the actions of the ethnic group it represents.

The former soldier whose Merah 1Malaysia movement claims to champion Malay rights told the ruling Chinese party to “school” its people first, after the leaders pointed out that race has nothing to do with dishonest merchants in the wake of an alleged handphone scam at the Kota Raya shopping complex in the city last week.

“I am warning MCA leaders. Shut your mouth, don’t question other races. School your own race first. Your race are cheaters,” he said to ProjekMMO, the sister publication of Malay Mail Online in Bahasa Malaysia.

The self-styled leader of a group calling itself the “red shirts” was responding to calls from MCA leaders to turn a deaf ear to Mohd Ali’s statements that have taken on a racial tone as the latter singled out the Chinese community for dishonesty in business.

“Are MCA leaders defending their race who cheat, blackmail, intimidate the rakyat?

“Do they agree with the Chinese trader’s action? Do MCA leaders have nothing better to do than to blame other races when their own race kicks up a fuss, is insolent and cheats?” he quizzed over the phone when contacted yesterday.

Mohd Ali, better known as Ali Tinju, said MCA should be more aware of its weaknesses as a party that was using the BN as a crutch.

He said the MCA should leave the ruling coalition and instead team up with federal opposition party, DAP and make it easier for critics to attack them.

“Are you supporting those who do wrong? MCA must be more self-aware, look into the mirror. MCA is sitting on a free chair gifted by Malays. Wake up MCA.

“That chair in Cabinet is also a free seat. If MCA does not take care of its race, better to get out of BN. Go join DAP. Easier for us to attack,” he said.

Mohd Ali did not elaborate on his allegations against MCA, but the Chinese party which once held the most seats in Parliament after Umno, has since seen its share shrink and with it support from its ethnic voter base.

Mohd Ali was charged with sedition in July over incendiary remarks he issued in connection with the Low Yat Plaza handphone cheating incident, but charges were later dropped.

He emerged into the spotlight again last week when he organised a protest outside the Kota Raya shopping complex here over another alleged handphone cheating incident.

In his speech during the protest, Ali Tinju broadly accused Chinese Malaysians of being fraudsters and urged Putrajaya to train handphone traders of Chinese descent to prevent them from cheating their customers.

On Sunday, a melee broke out inside the mall when a group of about 20 men stormed a mobile phone outlet to demand refunds over the same cheating incident.

Ali Tinju was arrested yesterday over remarks he made during the Kota Raya protest he organised and is believed to be under investigation for sedition.