Who really is the mastermind behind the move to oust Najib?

(Seated from L to R) UMNO's Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin, former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad and member of parliament Razaleigh Hamzah give a news conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia, October 12, 2015. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir and some leaders of the ruling party jointly demanded resolution of the 1MDB state fund scandal on Monday and condemned a crackdown on dissent, signalling a divide within the coalition. REUTERS/Olivia Harris‚Ä®

(Malaysian Digest) – Recently, blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin posed this loaded question alleging that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is merely a puppet and other hidden hands are behind the move to topple Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He also highlighted in a report yesterday that former Umno Batu Kawan deputy divisional chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan only appears to carrying out Tun M’s instructions.

“An even more interesting question that people are also asking is whether Khairuddin is Dr Mahathir’s dog or whether he is actually Muhyiddin Yassin’s dog,” he hinted.

The blogger also popularly referred to as RPK had revealed the sensational allegation in the news report titled “Muhyiddin The Puppet-Master And Dr Mahathir The Puppet”.

“What many are not aware of is there is a certain Chinese tycoon who befriended Dr Mahathir when he first became Prime Minister in 1981 and at the same time got close to Muhyiddin when he became a deputy minister soon after that.

RPK said that when Tun M removed Tun Abdullah Badawi in 2009, Najib was not supposed to have ascended to the nation’s top post but Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and when that did not happen, the plot to topple Najib was instigated with the help of a certain tycoon.

“Instead Najib still became Prime Minister in spite of the attempt to link him to the murder while Muhyiddin became the Deputy Prime Minister.

“Then came the 2013 general election and immediately after that the move to oust Najib started.

“But they needed Dr Mahathir to do the dirty work. It must not be seen as if Muhyiddin was making a grab for power.

“And this Chinese tycoon who is an adviser to both Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin for 30 years since the early 1980s helped move things from behind the scenes,” RPK revealed.

Since his sensational allegation, the authorities have also responded.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said police are looking into the basis of the accusation since it contained serious allegations against prominent personalities.

“We will look into it to determine how the author obtained such information.

“The allegations are not only damaging to the reputation of these VIPs but also contain serious accusations of sabotaging the government,” he said, Yahoo! News reports on December 16.

However, a closer look at the public statements uttered by Khairuddin and Muhyiddin shows that both have spoken out publicly in support of each other and are both on the same page in this convoluted power struggle.

“He (Muhyiddin) thinks before he talks and he never rebelled.

“However, if it were me, I will not be like Anwar, of course, but at least, I would be more vocal (than Muhyiddin) because my rights were violated,” Khairuddin had pointed out in an interview with a local online news portal earlier this month.

Muhyiddin had also publicly defended Khairuddin after his arrest in October over his role in concocting allegations against 1MDB.

“Those who lodge reports on 1MDB must be protected by the law, and not the other way round,” he said, in a public statement condemning the authorities taking action against what he described as those “blowing the whistle on wrongdoing within 1MDB”.