Walk the talk and resign, Muhyiddin told


Senior Umno leaders say Muhyiddin should step down after going against party leadership as Umno “has no room for disloyal members.”

(Free Malaysia Today) – Voices are being raised from within Umno, calling for party deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin to step down.

The Malay Mail Online (MMO) quoted party vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein as saying, “Umno does not have any room for members who are not loyal to the party.

“Prioritise the party’s struggle, prioritise the party without any hesitation. We have seen that those who are not loyal to the party drift halfway in their journey.”

Although Hishammuddin did not mention names, it is believed he may have been referring to Muhyiddin, and possibly a host of other former members, who are currently critical of the party’s leadership.

Hishammuddin’s colleague, Nazri Aziz (pic), was more vocal in his call for Muhyiddin to resign, challenging the latter to demonstrate courage and resign to express his dissatisfaction with the leadership.

“Is he (Muhyiddin) a prophet or something when he says that he is the only one who is brave?

“If you are brave, you would resign, don’t wait until you get sacked,” the supreme council member told the portal.

Nazri also defended Umno’s decision to bar Muhyiddin from speaking at the upcoming general assembly and described him as a frustrated person and one without any support.

Nazri said, “What assurance can we get that, if he speaks, he is not going to incite people?”

On Muhyiddin’s remark that he would feel like a “tree stump” at the assembly, Nazri said “he can feel whatever he wants to feel. He has no support already.”