Najib’s son-in-law gets renovation contract?


(Berita Daily) – Ariff said he hoped that this was not a sign of desperate times where “our leaders grab everything while time permits.”

An opposition MP today claimed that the government has awarded a contract to refurbish the office of Malaysia’s permanent representative to the UN in New York to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s son-in-law Daniyar Nazarbayev.

Raub DAP MP Ariff Sabri said the office will undergo a massive renovation work very soon and that “it will be a multimillion dollar project.”

“The building housing our permanent representative to the UN will undergo massive renovation works very soon. It will be a multimillion dollar project. Unfortunately it is nothing near the RM2.6 billion figure. That is a pity- it would have been a good source to profit and earn gargantuan commissions. Guess who will be the contractor?

“Even this chicken feed business does not escape the attention of PM Najib. This small business has been ordered to be given to the PM’s son in law, Daniyar Nazarbayev.  There was no tender, open or controlled open.  I hope this news is not true. If it were, it affirms how insatiable and rapacious Najib is.  Even small business he wants them all.

“When Najib was there last September, the deal was inked. The whole building will be developed into a commercial complex. When the complex is redeveloped, the Malaysia permanent mission will get some floors while the rest will be owned by the developer- Daniyar Nazarbayev. The Malaysian developer style of business deal is applied; the developer gets 80%, the owner gets 20%,” he said in his blogpost today.

Ariff said he hoped that this was not a sign of desperate times where “our leaders grab everything while time permits.”

“It reminds me of a previous tourism minister whose greed is legendary- even a RM40, 000 tender, was ordered given to a crony company. The same person asked a local born internationally known singer to bill the tourism ministry RM300,000 for the actual bill of RM150,000 if he wants the project,” he added.

He said the fact that Najib appears to be able to do these nasty things, reflect badly on the character of the Malays.

Malays appear to condition themselves to accept as normal, things like corruption, abuse of power, executive tyranny, he added.

“They accept being lied to, taken advantage of. These are signs of not a great people.

“The greatest characteristic of a great people, is accepting that the responsibility of defining their own future lies in their own hands. Not so great people place blind trust in the hands of others, who in the end, invariably emerged disappointing,” said Ariff.