The Pakatan Logic II

Pakatan Harapan

Karamjit Gill

With every passing day, the Pakatan coalition is becoming more illogical. Is apocalypse the only final destination? Is there any hope for the future?

Sulu Sultanade

The recent meet between PKR’s Nurul Izzah Anwar and princess Jacel Kiramin of the Philippines is infuriating. Nurul insinuates that it is ‘by-chance’ she met Jacel in a conference attended by civil society leaders. Even if we accept her excuse, why did she pose for a picture with Jacel calling for the release of her father? Doesn’t she know who Jacel is and how her family is still planning on reclaiming Sabah from Malaysia? Malaysia is still bleeding from that barbaric invasion. Policemen gave their life fighting for our country. Ladies became widows and children became orphans because their fathers died protecting this country, and PKR is friendly with the enemy?

DAP’s Teresa Kok’s statement on it being a small issue, and the Sabah invasion is in the past further pours salt on fresh wounds. Two years is not that long where we can conveniently forget and move on. If Teresa really means what she says, then the Opposition should immediately drop the 1MDB issue because that is also in the past. Presently, Prime Minister Najib and Arul Kanda are addressing the problem. Is Pakatan hinting that the rakyat’s money is more important and valuable than the rakyat’s blood?

Instead of asking questions, PKR’s Rafizi washed his hands off with his “I was not there”, and “I’m not her husband” explanation. Was Rafizi there to witness whether Anwar’s act of sodomy occurred or not, that he defends Anwar? Is Rafizi secretly Anwar’s husband? It is surprising Malaysia’s master whistle blower left his whistle at home this time. What we need in the country today is people with integrity. If you are not different from the current government that you claim is faulty, then why should we change the government? Change for another bunch of clowns to empower themselves?

Sporting Attire

When Jamil Khir Baharom who is a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department criticized Malaysia’s proud daughter Farah Ann Abdul Hadi for her attire during the SEA Games, PKR slammed him over his ridiculous remark. When PKR’s Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid says the same thing, Pakatan leader Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s only response was that Imran is simplistic and unfair, perhaps because he was at sea for too long. It is another mindless and foolish response from a top leader of the country. They seem to be able to dig up any kind of senseless excuse to defend their associates. So, how can we be sure that if they come to power they will not cover up wrongdoings of their own? Is Pakatan another “pot calling the kettle black” story?

Political Rejects

In 2009, DAP’s ironman Lim Kit Siang criticized Najib for appointing Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir as a deputy minister over Khairy Jamaludin despite the former losing to Khairy for the elected post of Umno Youth Chief. Tony Pua was more unforgiving by saying “It’s the same old horses and same ministries. If you want to bring in political rejects, it makes the cabinet a bit of an artifact. After all the hype, it is a little disappointing.”

Six years later in 2015, the exact same thing happened in DAP’s Selangor State Elections. Some of those from the previous committee who lost the elections got reappointed back into the state committee. Copy-paste Tony Pua in 2009, and it only means DAP practices keeping old guards and political rejects. DAP is getting a bit boring, isn’t it? Despite significantly lesser votes than the rest, Tony’s position remains status quo. Although there are no regulations that say the person who garners most votes should lead the pack, it is common sense isn’t it? Can we conclude that common sense is not at all common in DAP?

Budget 2016

After all the soap opera on voting down BN’s Budget 2016, Pakatan got a trashing when it mattered. We later found out that one DAP MP was absent from the budget as he was distracted by live coverage of the Paris attack on TV. Where is your vested interest, Mr. Tan Seng Giaw? He seems more interested in what’s happenings outside the country than inside. Although his single vote would not have made a difference, the seriousness of the matter does. Previously, Lim Guan Eng was absent during the POTA debate and voting, but he cries foul play on POTA. Is DAP just an empty kettle? BN obtained 128 votes for their budget, only 5 short of their total number of MPs in Parliament. So, where is the truth in Pakatan’s claim that many BN MPs are against Najib and will vote in their favour? Is this Pakatan’s prophecy of fallacy?

Moving forward from this, it is now clear which way the vote of no-confidence against Najib is going to go. Despite shortage in numbers, Kit Siang acted like a stubborn child and conveniently got himself suspended, as though his attendance in Parliament has no added advantage.

Land Issues

The land administration in Malaysia is within the authority of the State government, and the Federal government has a very limited role to play. Land administration refers to the processes of recording and disseminating information about ownership, value and use of land, and its associated resources. It is very clear that value of land is largely dependent on State governance. Despite this, the value of property in Penang and Selangor is out of reach for the average Malaysian. While Pakatan keeps blaming the Federal Government on escalating property prices, why aren’t they themselves doing anything to regulate value in their own governed states? It is similar to how they harbor blame on the government with regards to highway tolls, but do not do anything themselves in highway companies that their leaders sit as board of directors.

Political Funding

While the entire focus has been on 1MDB and the RM 2.6 billion funding that was allegedly used in the last election, Pakatan seems to be following along the same lines. Plans for RM 8 billion is rumoured to be brought into Darul Ehsan Investment Group (DEIG) to allegedly fund the upcoming Sarawak state elections. Four projects have apparently been lined up to facilitate the transaction. Previously, RM 30 billion of Selangor’s assets were transferred into DEIG without the approval of other party partners. Selangor DAP members themselves voiced concern regarding this matter that has conveniently been pushed under the carpet. Pakatan cries foul on alleged money laundering by BN, how is it acceptable when they do it?

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Although Pakatan does the country a favour by whistle blowing, do they have any integrity to govern Malaysia? Are we going to see a reversal of roles if Pakatan comes to power, and BN becomes the Opposition? We Malaysians do not need different actors playing the same role. What we need is a good, clean government.