Complex Pakatan

Pakatan Harapan

What if DAP-Amanah-PKR-PAS does form the government? Each and every state might be having its own set of rules and regulations.

Jason Chin

Malaysia’s opposition coalition is embroiled in such a complicated relationship, that nobody can figure out what is happening. PKR share a bilateral relationship with parties that cannot look each other in the eye. In the blue corner, PKR shares a relationship with PAS but in the red corner PKR is married to DAP and Amanah. DAP and PAS are at loggerheads with each other, while PKR tries to be peacemaker. How does this equation make sense?

PKR’s Rafizi Ramli advises DAP not to be violent with PAS. However, DAP’s Anthony Loke tells Rafizi to speak to PAS instead as he claims PAS started poking DAP first. While all this crying and finger pointing is going on, the head of the coalition is on a different page – playing with her grandchildren. If that is not mind-boggling enough, these jokers want Malaysia to have its first bi-sexual prime minister.

Hypothetically, what if DAP-Amanah-PKR-PAS does form the government? Each and every state might be having its own set of rules and regulations. Let’s look at a little scenario.

Mat commits adultery in state K. The punishment for adultery in State K is stoning to death. Fearing for his life, Mat runs to state S. In state S, the law is different. Mat will not be subjected to medieval punishment, but will still have to go to jail for a few years if he gets convicted. However, Mat is a little confused because homosexual parades are legal in state S. Mat wonders why promiscuity with the opposite gender is a crime, while same sex relationships are allowed. To make matters worse, leaders in state S order Islamic women to be all covered up. Mat is afraid because state S does not seem friendly to ‘normal’ man-woman relationships. Mat then flees state S because he is afraid of going to jail, and he goes to state P. In state P, prostitution is legal and gambling centres are rampant. Mat feels safer in state P. However, Mat is still insecure because obvious favouritism occurs towards a specific ethnic group. Poor little Mat. Where should he go and what shall he do? After all, states K, S, and P are governed by the same central government coalition.

The current Parliament sitting reflected the exact same scenes that occurred at the recent U.F.C fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Like the Opposition, Ronda Rousey was arrogant and over-confident prior to the battle. She belittled Holm and made it appear like her victory is a forgone conclusion. When The Day arrived, just as how Holm knocked Rousey out cold, BN did the same to Pakatan for the budget voting. BN’s budget 2016 got passed at the policy stage with a whopping 54 votes majority. Even those aligned to the Opposition like ex-Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim and PAS voted in favour of BN’s budget. Pakatan members were left licking their wounds. Their deceits and empty-talks failed once again. They are fast becoming a coalition that falters when it matters.

Now that they have realised they are unable to battle BN, they have turned on one another. PAS and DAP are hell-bent on standing against each other in the same constituencies for the next GE. I wonder if PKR will sustain collateral damage as in the famous Malay saying,‘Gajah berjuang sama gajah, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah’.

The Opposition should learn to realise one thing. Do not throw stones outside when you live in a glass house. You will only crack your shelter.