Has DAP thrown in the towel?


Implementation is key – you cannot govern just on insight and ideas

Karamjit Gill, Free Malaysia Today

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang’s most recent revelation that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak staying on would be better for the opposition sounds like an early excuse for their impending failure to oust Najib.

For the longest time, the Opposition has been harping on ousting Najib. They provided so much hope and confidence in achieving that objective that it made the people dream. Together with Bersih, the Opposition called upon Malaysians to participate in Malaysia’s longest peaceful rally to call for Najib’s head. So much was spoken about the motion of no-confidence. They even claimed to have the numbers to oust Najib. They said Barisan Nasional MP’s were also losing confidence in Najib and would not hesitate to vote Najib out.

Support from at least 112 MPs is required to successfully push through any motion in Parliament. However, the Opposition has only 88 MPs in the House. Even if all 88 supported the Opposition motion, they would have still needed the support of at least 24 MPs from BN. It was proving to be a tall order as they definitely could not count on the support of the 21 PAS MPs.

In September, Lim said that the following two months would be disastrous for Najib as 1MDB’s empire would collapse. That has not come to pass because 1MDB seems to be resolving its crises.

In August, Lim stressed the importance of tabling a no-confidence motion against Najib. It was deemed critical yet they failed to come up with a consensus on how to do what needed to be done. Whether it was intentional or not, the fiasco in tabling the no-confidence motion did not enhance the Opposition’s resume.

How can you mess up something that you yourself say is critical to saving the country? It only shows that the Opposition is all smoke and no fire. It claims to know the importance of something. It talks it up but does not know how to accomplish it.