Boy denied treatment due to length of mum’s shorts

klinik 1malaysia

(The Star) – A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy was allegedly denied treatment at two government clinics and a hospital because the pants his mother and aunt were wearing were too short.

China Press reported that the boy cut his finger last Saturday at about noon and was rushed to a Klinik 1Malaysia in Saleng, Johor Baru, for treatment.

However, his mother was told that her pants were too short and that she had to cover up with a sarong.

His aunt, who was also wearing a pair of short pants, was denied entry into the cli­nic.

The mother claimed that they waited for about two hours and the boy did not get any proper treatment for his injuries.

They then brought the boy to another Klinik 1Malaysia in Bandar Indahpura, Kulai, where the mother and aunt also claimed that they were denied entry due to the length of their pants.

At the Kulai Hospital later, the mother and aunt were again allegedly denied entry for the same reason, forcing them to rush the boy to a private clinic nearby, where the boy was finally given treatment.

The boy’s father, Wong Xiang Lan, said his wife was allowed entry into the clinic in Saleng after putting on a sarong.

“My son was crying aloud at that time, so a nurse gave my wife a sarong and let her in,” he said.