RPK: Malaysian politics is a ‘puppet’ show


Dr Mahathir is pulling the strings, blogger claims

Malaysia’s de facto prime minister is Dr Mahathir Mohamed and whoever becomes prime minister is merely his puppet, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has claimed.

In a comment posted on his blog yesterday, RPK suggested that all the appointments and ousters of those who held the post of prime minister since Mahathir’s retirement have been at the former long-serving prime minister and Umno strongman’s behest.

RPK was commenting on a news report entitled ‘How I Made Najib the PM’ which appeared on FMT yesterday. Read it here: Muhyiddin: How I made Najib the PM

In the report, former deputy prime minister Muhiyddin Yassin had claimed that he told current Prime Minister Najib Razak to make his move to oust his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, failing which Dr Mahathir had instructed Muhyiddin himself to assume the challenge, which would have made Muhyiddin, and not Najib, prime minister.

“That was when Najib said okay, he will do it,” Muhyiddin reportedly said.

RPK summarised Mahathir’s grip on power as follows