Najib and MCA in a lose-lose game


KTemoc Konsiders

MM Online – You want more? Make the Chinese back BN, Najib tells MCA

On the surface of it, Najib’s call seems more than fair, as he’s implying that he has already ‘given’ to MCA (minister posts, assurance of Chinese vernacular education under his premiership, etc) and there will be more if they can play their political role successfully, namely, to rally the Chinese Malaysian voters back to the BN corner.

BUT and a bloody BIG ‘but’, the reality of Malaysian politics, as played by a besieged UMNO or more correctly some of its leaders, makes Najib’s condition a lose-lose situation for both MCA and BN.

We see time and time again how besieged UMNO leaders, when confronted by threats to their political survival whether inter or intra-party, would fall back on their nasty formula of the jingoistic bangsa, agama dan raja (but seldom ever negara).

Today Najib under serious threats from within UMNO, specifically by Mahathir and his faction and supporters, has played the bangsa card to rally the party faithful and the Malay Heartland to his banner. ‘Yesterday’ (ie. 2001 and 2002) Mahathir set the ugly example by making what Lim Kit Siang termed as the 929 and 617 Declarations.

On 29 September 2001 Mahathir declared Malaysia as an Islamic State, obviously to outflank PAS in the wake of a near disaster for him and his BN in the 1999 general elections when Chinese Malaysian voters came to his rescue and saved his political skin, and a year after, on 17 June 2002, he upped theagama ante (presumably in readiness for the 2004 general elections) by declaring that Malaysia is not just a moderate Islamic State but a fundamentalist Islamic State.

Then there was another UMNO leader, wakakaka, who resorted to the same bangsa cards with his alleged “Cina balik Tiongsan” during his UMNO-days’ campaign in the Heartland and his threat to stop the bells in an Indian temple from ringing.

Now, don’t think I am always bashing only him, wakakaka, because our dear Ku Li had been the same – for more, read my 2008 post titled Tengku Razaleigh signals his claim for UMNO No 1.

And then there was even former deputy chairperson of PKR (same DNA as UMNO), Dr Syed Husin, one time socialist and my once-hero who finally became a zero in my eyes – for more, read my 2011 post titled Dr Syed Husin, the Socialist who lost his way.

That’s UMNO leaders’ (and their splinter groups’) modus operandi when their political a$$e$ were being singed by fire or when they wanted to singe someone (intra or inter-party) else’s a$$, wakakaka.

As Samuel Johnson said on 07 April 1775, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, and which would definitely include so-called patriotism to bangsa, agama dan raja. And didn’t we witness very recently how an UMNO man specially Pak Kadir Jasin whom we know as one of Mahathir’s mouthpieces, stated that Najib would be committing lèse-majesté if he didn’t heed the Rulers’ call to solve the 1MDB affair a.s.a.p including taking appropriate legal actions.

Malaysiakini had then reported: