Does Mahathir want Najib to arrest him?

mahathir najib

Tajuddin Rosli, Free Malaysia Today

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad appears to be in perpetual attack mode. He is now heavily nuking Najib and his family with all that he has got.

He patronises an Indian-based organisation. He attended a street rally against the government. He spearheaded an extremist cult called Perkasa. He made contradictory statements while managing to sound mentally unstable at times. He attacks Najib’s wife. He attacked Najib’s sons. What hasn’t he done?

The golden question is why is he doing all this? What does he want to achieve now?

You got to be kidding if you believe he is doing this for the love of the nation. If Mahathir ever cared about the country or people, he would never have formed UMNO Baru. He would never have paralyzed the Malays and made them a dependent race. He would never rewritten Malaysia’s history to paint picture of only one ethnic group’s contributions.

If he truly accepts his mistakes, he would apologise. Has he?

Mahathir is running out of ammunition. He now needs something drastic to happen quickly. That maybe why he is now trying to lure Najib into arresting him. But why? Perhaps because the nation’s sympathy can always be counted on.

The late Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang won the nation over and gained more popularity after Mahathir sent them to jail.

By going to jail, Mahathir will become an instant hero. Worldwide media attention would be lavished on him. The man who is actually responsible for the lousy shape the nation is in today, would immediately be transformed into the man who fights till his last breath to save Malaysia. With a snap of the fingers every citizen in the country will chant Mahathir’s name. Stories would be written about him. His past would be forgotten.