Jamal calls Anthony Loke a ‘human pig’


The Red Shirts leader says the Seremban MP insulted Malays with a ‘Melayu celaka’ outburst.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos has labelled Anthony Loke a “human pig” in retaliation to the Seremban MP’s alleged denunciation of Malays with the words “Melayu celaka (Damn the Malays).”

Jamal, speaking to reporters outside the Ampang Jaya police headquarters today, said he had seen a video on the Internet that showed Loke uttering the insult.

He was at the police station to lodge a report against Loke.

Loke today denied ever uttering the words, according to a Malaysiakini report.

“Of course he would deny it,” Jamal said. “The opposition would always deny everything they did.

“I heard the video myself and I heard him say that. As an MP, he should not utter such words.

“People accused me of saying Cina babi (Chinese pig), but actually I never did. It was just a rumour. But this, now, this is the human pig.”