It’s a topsy-turvy country we live in


When Ridhuan Tee makes sense and the government doesn’t

Scott Ng, Free Malaysia Today

Ah, Malaysia. Even in these times, when nothing should come as a surprise, you find ways to make us sit up and pay attention. An old dictator can find redemption in the eyes of a crowd, money can mysteriously appear in bank accounts, people can run a racially charged protest and get away with it. Truly, “Malaysia Boleh” has to be your motto, oh you, our topsy-turvy country.

One can imagine every FMT reader getting a pleasant surprise last Monday when they saw the item about Ridhuan Tee, yes, Ridhuan Tee, apologising on behalf of all Muslims for the “Cina Babi” comments made during the Red Shirt rally on Malaysia Day. Let that sink in for a second, and take a deep breath because, I assure you, I thought for a second that I was going blind.

But first, so as not to appear ungrateful – and, in Tee’s own words, “ultra kiasu” – I’d like to say thank you.

The good name of Islam was certainly abused to justify racism at the Red Shirts rally, and many true Muslims have been appalled. And to see Tee joining their ranks is inspiring indeed.

Coming from a man as generally hated by the Malaysian Chinese community as Tee is, the sentiment he expressed can only make us glad that, perhaps, he has decided to join the ranks of the greats of Islam. Dare we hope that he continues in this manner? If he chooses not to, that is his prerogative and life as usual shall resume with everyone groaning when his column comes out every Monday.