Allegations against 1MDB mere noise, says Arul


But the CEO says it’s ‘fair and right’ for the company to be investigated

(Free Malaysia Today) – 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) chief executive Arul Kanda has acknowledged that it is “right and fair” for the company to be investigated, but he dismissed claims of wrongdoing as mere “noise.”

“To be clear, no authority has said that anything is wrong with 1MDB,” he said in interview with BBC.

He said 1MDB had neither been contacted nor received any inquiries from any foreign authority.

“None of our present staff or board members are under investigations from any foreign authorities,” he said. “1MDB – through the actions of the government, mind you — is now the most investigated company in the country. I think it is right and fair that investigations happen.

“The reality today is that a lot of allegations have been made, but insufficient facts or proofs have been shown to back up those allegations.”

He noted that Prime Minister Najib Razak indicated last June that substantially all of 1MDB’s asset and debt rationalizations would be completed in six months.