Umno Youth member lashes out at Chinese ambassador

Armand Azha Abu Hanifah

(The Star) – An Umno Youth Exco member has lashed out at China ambassador Dr Huang Huikang for supposedly interfering in the county’s administration.

In a press statement on Saturday, Armand Azha Abu Hanifah (pic) said it ‘was not wise’ from the ambassador to do so.

“I would like to tell this Chinese ambassador, the ones who are disturbing the peace recently are the Chinese people who provoked and insulted not only the Malay Bumiputeras but also the Malay leadership.

“Because of their arrogance, they have raised the anger of most Malays,” he said.

Armand said the Malays always respected the rights of other race and religion in the country for a long time but those given such rights should also respect the rights of the Malay Bumiputeras.

“To the ambassador of China, the Malaysian government has never interfered in China’s domestic matters because we respect the partnership between both countries.

“I would like to remind the ambassador not interfere in our country’s administration,” he said.

Armand requested the Chinese government to explain the statement made by their ambassador and if the statement is true, urged Huang to apologise to Malaysian government and its people.

On Friday, Dr Huang, who visited Petaling Street said China is against those who resort to violence to disrupt public order.

Dr Huang warned that Beijing would not fear voicing out against incidents which threaten the interests of the country, infringe upon the rights of its citizens in doing business, or disrupt the relationship between Malaysia and China.