Apa DAP mau?

Ti Lian Ker

Ti Lian Ker, Malay Mail Online

I fully support what Dato’ Mohd Zaid Ibrahim had said about DAP not pretending to understand Malays as reported in the article ‘Zaid himself fails to understand real politics’ (The Rakyat Post, 26 September 2015).

Thus, it is time that DAP does some soul searching, to come forward, to come clean and to be honest to the Rakyat.

1. DAP started by fighting for equality way back in 1969 which means that they are against the privileges rendered to the Malays.

Have they changed their position, since in the Buku Jingga it was specifically spelled out that the privileges of the Malays shall be maintained?

2. DAP is fighting for Mandarin to be recognised as an official language. Are they still giving this false hope to the Chinese voters or have they accepted the political reality today?

3. DAP used to question the donning of the songkok during official functions. DAP elected representatives had even refused to wear the songkok during the Legislative Assembly by saying that it is their party’s stand. They had also circulated a picture of an MCA candidate in a songkok to incite hatred during a General Election in the 80s and had won narrowly by exploiting such sentiments.

Now, leaders like Ronnie Liu Tian Kiew, Ong Kian Meng etc not only wear the songkok, but the entire baju Melayu etc.

Thus, shouldn’t DAP come clean and apologised for exploiting racial sentiments in capturing votes and support?

Lim Kit Siang should wear the baju Melayu to show that he has repented or “taubat”

4. Only of late DAP had demonstrated against the teachings of Maths and Science in English. They have now accepted national laureate A. Samad Ismail into their fold. Have they accepted A.Samad Said’s nationalism and pursuit of the Bahasa Melayu as supreme, or has DAP abandoned their pursuit of Chinese to be recognised as an official language?

I thus end by calling upon DAP Vice-Chairman Teresa Kok not to be cocky by accusing Zaid Ibrahim as failing to understand real politics.

Whenever Zaid Ibrahim, who is a former law Minister, spoke in favour of DAP, he will be lauded but the slightest criticism will receive a show of contempt or disgust by DAP leaders.

Teresa Kok should be more humble to a learned leader like Zaid Ibrahim. She does not understand real Malaysian politics any more than Zaid Ibrahim even though she did obtained the highest majority in a Chinese dominated constituency.

Claiming that she’s multi-racial does not mean she has no racism in her. By harping onto racial issues which were resolved and agreed by our forefathers, without giving a way out or providing solutions, shows a lack of understanding of Malaysian political terrain.

By marrying PAS in a ‘hush hush’ move, or in a hurried manner, it does not mean that DAP embraced Hudud or Islam.

Thus their ‘talak tiga’ with PAS was also done in an equally fast manner once their marriage of convenience had served its purpose of cheating for votes using a “false” common platform of Buku Jingga.

By choosing to embarrass MCA and accusing MCA of selling out to Malays at the expense of Chinese, does this not also show a lack of understanding of the Malay political mind-set?

Are we more racially charged or less so now that DAP had successfully convinced about 90% Chinese voters that they are their political saviour?

Why are 90% Chinese for DAP if they are not speaking politically racist language or false promises which they cannot deliver?

Why must they need PAS, PKR and now Amanah, and a handful of Malay leaders, to deliver their Malay votes if they are attractive to Malay voters ?

DAP smacks of racism. This is undeniable although it dons multi-racial clothing.

Oh yes, I am speaking in real political language and not double cocking here.

* Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker is MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman.