Malays are lazy, spoon-fed and failures: The Ant Daily

Malaysia Army Day

Farid Affandi: The New Economic Policy which was set up to assist the Malay community was wrongly used by Malay politicians to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Those cronies however created the “Ali-Baba” syndrome because they were lazy. Malay children cannot master English, Science and Maths because of our poor education policy. But what causes the lack of confidence of the Malays are their leaders who convince them to think that they were not good enough without them.

Sara Yeng: Frankly speaking this is the after effects of bad government policies. By nature we do not value things that are free. We only value and treasure things when we have to get it the hard way.

Buing Sultan: Yes. Not only Malays, but this should be good for the other so-called Bumiputra too. Let’s all play on a level field. The survival of the fittest policy works because only then will people struggle and work hard to survive.

Jihep Atoi: I for one do not have faith in meritocracy per se but a Malaysianised version such as Malaytocracy, Chinesetocracy, Indianocracy, Dayaktocracy or Kadazantocracy.

Maybe these terms seem absurd but we have seen and continue to see absurdity on a daily basis these days. Sigh!

Gabriel Walter: If meritocracy is hard work, then labourers will have better place in society compare to Starbucks sipping executives.

Johan L Ha: Take away the tongkat and the Malays who had been handicapped by Umno will feel threatened and become insecure and aggressive. They will blame DAP for being in power since Independence.

Michel Wright: Because they have been spoon fed all these years, they can never rise up any other way. The only way for them to rise up is to stop being spoon fed.

Phil Ho: Sadly this is so very true. However, it will be difficult for everyone if they are educated and can think logically.