Multiracial NewGen Party hopes to join Pakatan Harapan to represent Indians

S Gobi Krishnan

(The Star) – The NewGen Party hopes to join the new Pakatan Harapan coalition to represent the Indian community, said party secretary-general S. Gobi Krishnan (pic).

“NewGen Party, a multiracial party for all Malaysians but dominated by Malaysian Indians, asks which party in the Pakatan Harapan coalition will look after Indian interests in this country,” said Gobi Krishnan in a statement on Thursday.

He said that while Amanah and PKR are multiracial parties, they are both “dominated by Malays to look after the interests of the Malay community”.

“There is also DAP, a multiracial party but is dominated by Chinese which is looking after the interests of the Chinese community. So who will look after the Indians in the newly-formed Pakatan Harapan? NewGen Party is offering itself to Pakatan Harapan to look after the interests of the Indians,” added Gobi Krishnan.

He said that many Indians who joined PKR in 2008 had since realised that PKR doesn’t look after Indian interests.

“It is just a mini Umno with the majority of their leadership controlled by Malay politicians. Now there is a vacuum for Indians. This is where NewGen party will come in to fill in the vacuum and champion the issues surrounding the Indian community,” said Gobi Krishnan.

He said that NewGen would focus on Malacca in the next general elections.

“We will field more multiracial candidates that will truly reflect the Malaysian spirit that will cater to all the races,” he said.